4 Brain workouts you may want to try at work

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All employees know that feeling that comes around 12 o’clock when you’ve been stuck in the office staring at a computer screen for more than four hours. That is your brain screaming for help and begging for a distraction. It is right about then that you should take a break and do a few quick exercises to refresh your mind and ensure productivity for the rest of your shift.

Many of us have the most hectic time of our day from 9 am to 5 pm, and many of us complain that only 4 continuous hours at work suck their brain dry. It is the time when they hear the hallucinatory voices in their brain, asking them to slow down, do something fun for a few minutes and refresh the heated engine.  These exercises help reboot your brain but they also help you increase your memory and feel less stressed.

They not only refresh your exhausted brain, but also turbo boost your brain mechanisms and hence your productivity? Pay close attention:

  1. Draw a map – Do you remember your last picnic at beach or at some scenic location not too far from the city? Can you recall your visit to a dentist or a nearby market? Get a pencil and a paper, and draw the map from your memories. You can play other recall games as well. For example, make a list of miscellaneous items and memorize them, take some time and then see how many of them you may easily recall.
  2. Be a translator – In present day when the internet has brought closer the people of two entirely different regions, it is highly likely for a person to know more than one language. When you are at work and you are tired, take a brief respite and try to translate your thoughts into a different language. It is a proven fact that bi-lingual people are smarter than those who know only one language. The wheels of your brain engine will obviously churn faster and as a result your work outcome will be amazing.
  3. Do some math – Mathematics is a proven brain charging technique. We know that people with high IQ are often very good at mathematics. When you are stressed and exhausted, leave work for a few minutes and do some mathematics in your mind. Go from easy mathematic exercises to the difficult ones.
  4. Identify the taste – This is a very interesting exercise. Enjoying one’s favorite food is the best way to pass time. So, whenever you are at work and exhausted, ask boss for a short break, get your favorite food and enjoy it. Here is the catch; food is made of miscellaneous ingredients and your mental exercise will be to identify the individual tastes of all ingredients in your mouth e.g. meat, vegetables, spices, mushrooms, and herbs etc.
  5. Recall games – Here is a bonus work-out that helps you sharpen your memory. Host games like grocery list items, names of characters from a movie and so on.

Try these mental tricks at work and you will be amazed to find out that not only your brain is refreshed, but it is also back to the full working capacity.