Vacation Tips for Busy Small Business Owners

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You have worked hard and been busy – now it is time to create some lung space, breath solitude and wire-up to get close to creativity. It can’t be another ‘work from vacation mode’. This mode would definitely prove your loyalty to your small business, but that just makes you boring for your family.

As much as planning for business productivity is important, so is planning for a ‘productive vacation’ important.

Gain clarity over why you are taking a vacation?

Let me introduce you to a small business owner. This guy runs a successful venture and he is his own boss. He is accountable for all his decisions,  and, regrettably, enjoys very little free time of his own. He encounters stress at each step, and obliged to drive hard for success in this unforgiving world of small business. The stress is so complimentary to his perception and needs of business that it starts reflecting in every stage of his life, in which, the work hours are never permanent, and is always set to an uncompromising 24×7 schedule. Don’t you think, this guy needs a break from this everlasting stress? This guy is none but YOU, who needs to evaluate why is there a need for a vacation.

Why do you need a vacation? Is it because –

  • You want to increase productivity upon your return
  • It is time to come up with new ideas, staying away from the daily stress of running a business
  • You want to learn how to let go and delegate tasks to other people

Medical and Business Experts recommend, in unison, that such people must think seriously of taking a breathing space between their  long and hectic grind or collapse, fully burnt. They can select from a variety of breaks, like a few hours, a day or a week’s break, but each individual must decide what kind of break he needs. Though the small business owners find it difficult to plan a vacation, remember, the benefits are manifold.Vacation tips for small business owners

Plan Your Vacation

We are not just talking about buying tickets and spotting a destination with hotel rooms. The business side of planning a vacation would involve the following. Ask yourself these questions.

  • Who will manage, what kind of tasks for you, in your absence?

Surveys reveal that more than 50% of small business owners do not prefer to go on a vacation. They worry about their accountability and fear to delegate responsibility to others.

  • How far will they be accountable to it?

Delegate your important assignments or decision-making power to your partner or a close subordinate who can take up the responsibility in your absence and train your close team before you leave.

  • How often you want to communicate with your employees while you’re on vacation?

Let your clients know about your impending absence in the coming days, and make arrangements for your team to handle them.

  • Are you keeping your gadgets switched on – mobile, tablet and laptop – are you carrying them in the first place?

You would be well advised to avoid contact. Unplug yourself completely from the office work. According to a 2012 survey, around 51% of the vacationers prefer to stay away from any official contact. They check updates in their free time using the latest communication gadgets. Such time should be extremely limited, to a prefixed timeline .

Now comes your actual planning –

  • Are you carrying some good read books along with you?
  • Is there some adventure and physical activity?
  • Are you going sight-seeing with your children?
  • Have you packed your free coupons where necessary?
  • Gifts for your colleagues and friends back home

A New You

Your best gain from a vacation is a fresh and recharged mind and body. The new feel will definitely affect your business and life positively with an increased urge to perform more. De-stress and unwind yourself as much as possible and get back to your  home and your business with a new you.

We hope that these vacation tips for busy small business owners like you would help you rejuvenate and return as a sharp, decisive and creative businessman on your comeback trail. We wish you a happy vacation.