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Why Are Co-working Spaces The Right Choice For Established Companies?

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Worldwide, coworking spaces are springing up. People from various walks of life value the freedom to work in a non-office setting with all the facilities they need, such as fast internet and printing, and an atmosphere that encourages cooperation and creativity among its members, among others. 

Members of coworking space in Bangalore are often freelancers or working from home or remotely, small business owners, and startup businesses. However, coworking facilities are becoming more popular among large companies too as an alternative to conventional office locations.

Large businesses are increasingly using coworking workspaces or coworking offices for rent due to their many advantages. Several IT giants, including IBM, Microsoft, and Verizon, are exploring the usage of coworking spaces for making their employees feel connected to their colleagues, brand, and community. 

Large companies use coworking spaces to establish more distributed teams distant from their headquarters and manage their team growth more flexibly. In contrast, tiny enterprises use coworking spaces as their main workplace. 

5 reasons why companies prefer coworking spaces

Accessibility for Innovators

Coworking spaces provide quick access to new ideas. The amiable atmosphere of coworking spaces combined with the plug-and-play office amenities makes it easier to collaborate with new people. Large companies now have access to bootstrapped startups with game-changing ideas and fresh talent.

Increased Efficiency

Working with startups and industry innovators makes recruiting new workers simpler coupled with motivating employees and boosting productivity. A survey by Deskmag revealed that over 70% of people using coworking spaces felt that coworking spaces improve their productivity and emotional well-being. Another survey by McKinsey Management Consultancy cited that business executives had become five times more productive owing to coworking spaces. 

More cost-effective than conventional workspaces

Coworking spaces are more affordable than traditional office spaces regardless of the size of your company, as long as you choose the appropriate location. Coworking companies charge a flat monthly price instead of paying for the use of office space, furnishing, utilities, office equipment, and tea/coffee.

Employees Value Flexibility and Convenience

Employees have greater freedom and choice while working in coworking offices. Employees of coworking business centers with several locations may pick a location closer to their residence, thereby saving commuting hassles. With lockdown restrictions easing gradually, both employees and companies are looking towards coworking centers for making a clear division between home and office giving people a better work/life balance. 

  Coworking spaces have many advantages

  • Individuals working in coworking desks have the freedom to customize the place as they see fit rather than a pre-managed office.
  • Possibilities for collaboration and network building There are many chances to meet new people and have the opportunity for shared office space.
  • There aren’t any other costs Costs like electricity and repairs are included in your fee. The expenses are low, and there are no long-term obligations. It is possible to pay every month or choose a different plan based on the amount of space and time you need.
  • Management is already built-in – Office administration is taken care of so that you can work tension-free.

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