The pandemic has established new norms and uprooted the old normal from the depths that the human race had initially planned for. Every sphere of human life has been affected by the invisible novel coronavirus. As the government and state bureaucrats imposed lockdowns and measures to curb the spread of the deadly contagious disease, the economy of the entire world came to a standstill. Huge buildings and office campuses were shut down and abandoned for more than a year. It’s just now that slowly things are getting back to the new normal. Although no sector has remained unaffected by the catastrophe, a few were severely hampered while others got a push and it amplified the speed by which their business snowballed. 

Workspace is an essential part of one’s life. These days people tend to spend more time in their workspace than  at their homes. This makes it necessary for workspaces to be responsible and guarantee each worker the safety they deserve. And workers, on their part, too must adhere to the cautions and protocols insisted on. But what are the criteria that qualify a workspace as safe? 

Here are a few steps that were taken by iKeva to make coworking space in Bangalore  safer in this pandemic.:-

The first and foremost step for the protection of the workforce is regular and thorough sanitization of the physical space. The premises of the coworking space are sanitized at fixed intervals in a way prescribed by medical practitioners. We evacuate the office and spray disinfectant and germicide at all common touching points, the furniture, upholstery, and even the electronic devices. However, we ensure that these chemicals are not inhaled by our inmates. Because we are aware of the health hazards it poses. Therefore none of our staff is exposed to these substances. But we take care that our campus is free of any threats to the health and welfare of the inmates

Even long before the coronavirus had struck the world and stripped it of its social nature, companies all over the world swapped isolating cubicles with interacting group desks. iKeva is no exception. However, this does not mean that we are incubating the chances that you might catch an infection. But we don’t believe that isolating our inmates from the rest is the solution, in fact we encourage interaction and cooperative synergy for mutual benefits. While ensuring there is always a physical distance of two yards between each desk and a transparent barrier to restrain the spread of the virus, we also believe that socialization is key to one’s overall personality development and without a communicative interplay we would all be rendered functionless. Therefore at iKeva, we believe in physical distancing and not social distancing. 

We give your team a chance to expand even without needing larger office space. Our safety protocol prescribes a ceiling to the number of employees that can be accommodated in the premises at a particular point in time. But this does not limit the number of members that can be included in your team. We provide flexibility in taking turns in alternating the timings or days for a portion of the team. Another option we have is to provide a virtual office that can accommodate as many members as you want, with all heads in one room at one point of time. 

At iKeva you can rely on us for you and your team’s well-being. Now is the time to play safe. Jaan bhi aur jahaan bhi, as both are necessary for one’s survival. If you are impressed by iKeva’s lead in tackling the current situation then log onto and book a safe and hygienic workplace that best suits your needs. If you are not satisfied with our protocols you can approach us anytime because we solicit constructive criticism and the feedback of our customers for ever-improving standards.

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