How to create a decision table to hire a serviced office space?

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While you recognize that you are going to hire a serviced office space, there are a few set of foolproof steps that will help you land at the property that fulfills all your needs. Before you use the following checklist to hire a serviced office space, ensure that you have done a 360 degree search of properties online. The article ‘How to find commercial property for rent online’ will come in handy before you use the checklist.

List your needs

Use the following checklist.

ChecklistWrite your comments here
How many people will use the office?No.of people who will use the office space.
How long do you need an office space for?Days/ months/ years would you use this office space?
What is the purpose of this new office space?
To analyze your purpose read through Mahesh’s story here.
Are you going to use it for a specific project/ transitory purpose/ to evaluate industries?
Which location are you looking for in a city? Pin the location that is most suitable for your business.
What kind of office support are you looking for?Reception, parking, pantry, IT support, etc.
Any other criteria for your office?

Map criteria to your serviced office space search results

Once you have populated this table, start using your earlier list of properties that you have discovered through the online search. Map the aspects that each property offers as per your checklist.  For you to ensure that you have a smooth entry into India while kickstarting your business, learn about what are the locations you should target. There has been a report that has listed top 5 Indian cities that are least expensive to set up an office space in the world.

Explore your option in-detail

Once you have all your criteria mapped, create a list of top 5 options for serviced office space and then start calling them. If the office space services are responsive, they will offer multiple ways for you to reach out to them like chat, toll free phone numbers, email and even someone to give you personal tour. Reach out to the most efficient options and request for a tour so that you get a first-hand experience of how the office is structured and configured and also meet the people who run this space. Get a thorough tour before you make a purchase decision. Spend time with the team and know about how they cater to clients around in their space. When you are exploring the space, you also get to speak to other people using the serviced office space and get feedback from them.

By exploring reviews online and visiting the facility, you get all-rounded clarity upon what you need to choose. Now you are ready to make your decision about the serviced office you wish to choose. Use this decision process sequence to arrive at the best possible option available in the location of your choice.


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