Jan 31, 2018 Business


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In today’s world of digital avenues and high-speed marketing mechanics, as an entrepreneur, you must keep yourself updated with all the new business information and grab the quickest opportunity at your disposal. To keep your brain wired to the latest business developments, here is a list of the most popular online magazines to follow this year:
This is a great magazine to follow, regardless of whether you own a start-up or an already established business. Entrepreneur provides even the smallest of business information, along with credible trends and statistics. You’ll find an array of topics to read from, like hiring employees, expanding your business, handling downward economic slides, and many more!

This is one of the ‘greatest’ hits on the list of small business magazines. Forbes helps you build your business by providing a daily dose of inspiring stories, updates on the business trends and tips from the top experts. Choose your perfect read from the “editor’s picks”.

Business Today
If you are a regular reader, subscribe to this sensational magazine. You can receive the latest updates on economic affairs, corporate trends, market scenarios, industry and tech developments, and opinions of large-cap business players. Every issue is also accompanied by videos to help you understand the trends better.

The Economist
To make your browsing process quicker and easier, The Economist has a separate highlighted column called the “editor’s pick”. Apart from this, you have the regular quota of business, finance, economics, science, and technology along with well-covered business debates to choose from.

As the name suggests, Money is a finance-heavy magazine for small businesses. This magazine understands the requirements of business owners, irrespective of whether they are into hard-core finance or not. Hence, Money publishes articles on managing finances effectively, planning financial savings before retiring, and allocating resources efficiently, to save for the longer run.

This magazine is a great one for any entrepreneur particularly interested in science and technology. While many might misconstrue this magazine as too tech-oriented, make sure to look out for the other sections as well. You will get excellent articles to read, catering to innovative business ideas.

Known for its yearly lists of famous people, this magazine is much more than that. Time provides subscribers with up-to-date information on the world economy, politics, technology, and entertainment. Read inspiring stories of popular people and get inspired!

Business Standard
More like an e-paper, you will find lots of current business and political news here. A row in the top called “just in” gives you all the latest trends and updates, to stay on par with the fast-paced world! You can also view the live Sensex details that keep changing along with the market rates each minute.

The New York Times (Entrepreneurship Section)
This one, as we all know, is the giant in the field of news production. If you visit the ‘Entrepreneurship’ section of the paper, you will find loads of information and articles related to the world economy, business trends, political economic trends, and tactful business tips. You can also read what the business experts have to say about world markets and business development.

While there are many online business magazines to choose from, narrowing down on the above few will help you stay more focused on your trail of business and help you utilize the resources wisely!