Workshop on Accounting and Financial Planning for Startups

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An entrepreneur becomes one when sees a Gap in the Market for goods or services that he can fill in profitably. Once he has dived in, he is invariably confronted with a number of regulations and rules that he has to comply with, and does not know how to deal with it or through whom to deal with.  These issues eat into his personal productive time.

We, at AccPro Accounting Services are there to help entrepreneurs solve a part of their problem. From TDS to Service Tax, From RBI to STPI , From Professional Tax to ESI ,  From ROC filings to Tax returns, from handling auditors and VAT authorities.  Incidentally, AccPro also ensures that your books of account are maintained correctly, and that MIS reports are produced on time. Raising debt capital and helping the business with critical finance inputs are added benefits. In short, we are a One Stop Shop for small businesses on the F & A related domains.

Our expertise comes from having worked in such roles in the past, and working with a number of enterprises of similar size now. All of this at a significantly lower cost when compared to an in house Finance department , and without worrying about continuity of service or confidentiality of information dealt with.

AccPro is managed by Chartered Accountants with more than 50 years’ experience amongst the 3 CAs.

Ajit Gautam , promoter of AccPro will  give a snapshot of rules that an entrepreneur needs to know , the services rendered by AccPro and answer queries that members may have.

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On: 6th November, 2015

At: iKeva Chennai

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