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Last week, when a cyclone hit Chennai, the entire city suffered a lack of connectivity, dead telephone lines and erratic power fluctuations. While schools and colleges took a convenient break, businesses took the hardest hit; especially those businesses that worked across multiple locations nationally and internationally.

However, the case wasn’t so at iKeva.

iKeva’s operations remained unaffected despite the bad weather conditions. Throughout the week, iKeva members enjoyed uninterrupted facilities and services and stayed empowered to deliver work with the same efficiency as before. iKeva took additional measures to ensure that work-as-usual wasn’t affected, and to adhere to its promise of a productive workspace – always!

High-Quality Infrastructure: iKeva members enjoyed an uninterrupted internet and landline access, despite the storm. This ensured that they weren’t cut off from their teams in other locations and had access to work email and documents throughout.

Further, with effectively managed power backup, iKeva ensured that there was practically no power-cut throughout. Further, the infrastructure was designed to withstand voltage fluctuations that usually come with heavy rains. This preempted a data-disaster, improved information availability and prevented latency.

Well-trained support staff: iKeva’s team was amply trained to work around a complex situation, and provided immediate on-ground solutions to the members. Working as an extended team, to each member – iKeva supported them in completing work efficiently.

Quick decision making: As the situation demanded an extra hand, iKeva flew down a senior resource from its head-office to guide and help the team around the crisis, and ensure seamless operations. The fact that the situation did not get overwhelming, at any point, is proof of the excellent way in which the crisis was managed by the iKeva team.

Being prepared and having a disaster recovery plan in place, is a key element defining a great workplace. Ensuring business process continuity and productivity helped our members steer clear of a loss of time, money, business and reputation.

iKeva is proud of its cutting-edge infrastructure, facilities and quality service – and its ability to deliver, no matter what challenge awaits! Most importantly with a personal Human Touch with a Community to support in case of disasters.

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