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Boon of Virtual Offices – Outgrowing from the need for a physical working space

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As the classic VCR, Audio cassettes, video games and computers rose in popularity during the 90s, broadband and portable technology have taken over the market in recent times. The demand for typical office space is slowly but steadily losing its appeal. This is where Virtual Offices come in!

Virtual offices are a rather revolutionary idea. Here, employees are no longer tied down to their desks, 9 to 5, and more-over, they still maintain their productivity by working in a comfortable, stress-free environment.

If this makes you wonder “why to lose time and money commuting, if you can achieve the required results on a part-time or full-time from home, or a convenient workspace?”
Answering that–not everyone requires a full-time office these days. Moreover, it makes little sense to have one, just because the home-office or any other work touchdown space doesn’t seem appropriate. As long as it’s convenient, financially sound and equally productive as the physical office space- virtual offices are the accurate choice.

Imagine a work space where you have the freedom to work in your garden or from your favorite couch and doing the same work you would do at an office space.

Besides that, the limitations of virtual offices remain. Primarily, the fact that people are social beings who need to get out and about, and need to, at least occasionally mix it up in a business and office community.

However, the virtual office concept is worth considering while looking to begin a start-up, as setting up and refining a professional reputation is important.

Here are some perks of having a virtual office for your business:
1. A professional business address or address to register a business
2. Workspace as per need, a few hours a week/ a few hours a month
3. A dedicated phone line with your own business number
4. Your own live receptionist to take your calls
5. Personalized after hours voice mail service
6. Mail management and forwarding services
7. Modern Business Meeting Rooms and Venues across the metro cities of India

This is why the concept of Virtual Office is a popular, cost-effective, flexible solution in today’s business environment.

On the whole, it doesn’t matter what size business you run, a single person working from home, or even a growing business without a permanent base in a particular city.

So here is the reason you should re-think your choice and overcome the need for a physical coworking space.

A virtual office is definitely every small business’s best friend.

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