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The Advantages of daily commuting instead of working from home

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Many of us are of the view that skipping the daily commuting is indeed one of the major advantages of working from the comfort of home. There are undoubtedly a few advantages attached to traveling to the office each day but it is indeed tough to find merits in a clogged highway or a packed subway every other day.

Even if you do not enjoy your commute to the office every day, this is obvious that daily commuting can be quite healthy as compared to working from home.

One of the obvious reasons is that when you have an office to go daily, this force or compels you to go outside your house daily. If you have been working from your home for a while, you must be able to realize that it is annoying to work in pajamas every now & then. When you get ready for a beach day out or for a formal dinner, the attire & grooming can considerably influence your mood. Same is the case when you work. You may not build the right mood and temperament to work productively when you are working in pajamas from your home. Still, working from home once in a while is okay but working in pajamas month after month may end up lowering your motivation level and your optimum temperament to work will be affected considerably.

The same is also true while getting dressed for work every day. Even if you are an employee in a startup where everyone usually dresses down, this is obvious that some amount of grooming is still required when you are going for a client meeting, etc. While you have an office to go, you will have to push out of bed every lazy morning and then have to switch the mental gears to the working mode. This builds the virtue of punctuality and discipline in you over the course of time. If you want to work from home permanently, then you might lack the sense of proper timing of your work hours. You may end up being laid back and lazy over the course of time if you continue to work from home. So, it is always wise to opt for a coworking space if your business is not big enough to hire a private office.

Major advantages of commuting to work instead of working from home 

  • Avoiding isolations – The professionals who opt to work from home over the time complain of loneliness and isolation which sometimes leads to mild or severe depression. The workplace provides every professional an opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and socialize when at work. Thus, working from an office becomes more resourceful and you would be in a better position to stay in touch with your colleagues.
  • Avoiding distractions – There can be several distractions while you opt to work from home. There can be interruptions from neighbors, work, children, family and friends who would prove to be quite disruptive towards your work. Certain special efforts always need to be adopted to do away with such distractions. So, if you are working from home, you can drop that idea immediately and adopt a coworking space with world-class infrastructure and great connectivity.
  • Overcome issues in separating home and work – The temptation for engaging the household matters while you are working from home is really strong. You can naturally feel obliged to going shopping, cleaning the home, cooking, taking care of your children and socializing. So, most of the times you are unable to demarcate home and work which eventually results in both these areas suffering.
  • Avoid working endlessly – If you are working from home, there would not be anyone who would enforce strict hours of working. So, you would naturally feel tempted to work endlessly which would leave you over-worked and exhausted. So, it is better to work from a coworking office in order to avoid working endlessly.
  • Working from home increases the chances of getting overlooked for promotion – If you are an employee and is working from home permanently, then there is always the danger of getting overlooked for promotion. Working with the boss and the rest of the team from a coworking space increases the chances of promotion for the professional manifold.

So, this is obvious that there are several advantages of daily commuting instead of working from home. The coworking spaces Mumbai are the best option when your business is not big enough to hire a private office. Also, for the employees who are working from remote locations should resort to coworking spaces instead of working from home. This would help to maintain the self-discipline and sanity in the employees in the long term.

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