Marketing Ideas to build your shared Co-working space!

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Imagine a world where companies motivate and manage employees who never set foot in their corporate office. Welcome to the world of co-working!

The concept of Co-working is definitely a new outlook to the traditional office where professionals of various kinds can work in a common space, cutting costs and allowing a new fun experience in an otherwise mundane environment. Although, many in the country are not aware of the idea of co working yet, it would certainly be a critical part of the budding workforce. Entrepreneurs, business experts and other employees shall find such a space suitable. Co-working would help start-up businesses, small ventures and other business endeavors with their marketing struggles, aiding to achieve goals much faster. However, the biggest concern for any co working space owner would be– “How do I let people know I exist?”

This can be challenging in the beginning but one can find easy efficient ways to put one’s business out there. Here are a couple of ways to enhance your co-working business with the right marketing strategy.

Choose your event partners wisely
By far, the most effective marketing strategy is holding events and attracting new members.
Make your event crowd pleasing by jazzing it up with goodies and fun activities. This will also increase the number of attendees for your event. Pairing up with the right organizations makes a great difference in terms of publicity and recognition.

An Impressive event is the key to get people talking about your business, meaning you have achieved your “marketing” motive.

Here are the advantages of establishing planned partnerships with local and national organizations:
1. Co-sponsorship opportunities
2. Brand publicity on promotional materials (print and digital)
3. Progressive brand association with active community involvement
4. Opportunity to tap into extended professional networks for quality memberships.

Loop in Influencer’s list
For the perfect word-of-mouth marketing, a VIP guest list works wonders! Build a little black book of influencers that you want to maintain relationships with – local celebrities, leaders, journalists and other influencers are who you want to look out for. Turn to this list each time you have an announcement to make, when you’re hosting a party or if you’re putting together a board of experts. Get tight with the community, press and bloggers and invite them every time to keep your Co-working space’s buzz alive.

Club in local businesses
A combination of a local business along with your firm can promote your services and increase publicity. Join hands with other such organizations, come up with innovative promotional offers and discount deals to get more people involved.

Make your co working brand stand out
Get innovative to make your brand stand out. There are plenty of ideas to make this happen. Provide free Wi-Fi at a local café, which, once connected, opens your brand page.
Organize an event with an NGO. Non-profits usually need manpower, pool in people for this event and let the word spread. This can get people together while also helping the non-profit achieve their goals.

There are so many ways to get the word out, about your co working space. Explore these options, and see the word spread.

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