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Why People Prefer Serviced Office To Setting Up Their Own Office

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Coming together is the beginning.

Keeping together is the progress.

Working together is the success.

-Henry Ford

Serviced offices are fully functional office spaces that are rented out on a membership basis. A recent survey concluded that more than 20% of all the industrial office buildings are serviced offices. And the number is estimated to rise exponentially in the future. So why are serviced offices triumphing over setting up one’s own office spaces? The answer is simple – serviced offices offer much higher benefits when compared to establishing one’s own office space. If you’re someone pondering over the title question, read on.


Setting up your own office space has the potential to burn a hole in your pocket. With the boom in the real estate industry, the cost of buying or renting out any place has been on a one-way surge. Apart from paying for your office site, you have to deal with expenditure in the form of furnishing and basic amenities like electricity, water supply, and high-speed internet. These are just the tip of an iceberg:

  • Getting office supplies,
  • Setting up a cafeteria,
  • Organizing parking spaces

are some other significant tasks to deal with.  All these are not only cumbersome in nature but also bite off a great chunk of your precious time.

In comes the serviced offices. Serviced offices take away a considerable amount of burden here in a cost-effective way. So now instead of building your office:

  • You are renting out workstation and private spaces at affordable rates.
  • Along with that, you can skip managing amenities like electricity, water supply, etc.

This leads to significant savings. And a penny saved is a penny earned.


One of the crucial needs of every office space is maintenance. Office spaces need to be areas where work is done both seamlessly and hassle-free. They should always be in presentable conditions and must maintain the highest standards of hygiene. But these aren’t the only essentials. Uninterrupted internet, lighting and pantry, and other multiple needs require experts for ideal management. Serviced offices solve both the maintenance need and the requirement for expert staff to manage them.

In other words, an organization can truly focus on its core objectives. It isn’t just costing up for savings, it’s also valuable time and resources.


Serviced offices are often based in the prime locations of the cities. These locations are not only well connected but also offer much more in terms of add-on facilities like the serviced office, Mumbai provided by iKeva. For example – recreational areas such as breakout area, game room, etc to take a break and get your creativity levels up. And of course, there’s the presence of diligent and empathetic support teams, available at your call to ensure that you enjoy premium quality services.


Planning to opt-out for serviced offices? Go the iKeva way. With a motto of ‘here you build your future’, iKeva aims to offer its members a professional environment where they can work freely. It’s an entirely member-centric platform. In a private office space, perhaps the only network around professionals are their own teams and colleagues. On the other hand, a serviced office has far more potential to expand networking, with a community of like-minded people buzzing with talent all around. Organizations not only get a chance to hire new talent, but to also associate themselves with groups advantageous to their long-term strategic goals. As the saying goes – your network decides your net worth.