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They say, ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ and this adage fits into myriad aspects of our lives; the way we carry ourselves, embellish our houses and businesses as well. This century has been all about adding that extra sheen to the armour. The change is vividly visible in the way businesses are carried out today. As cut throat as it might get, there is a subtle classic touch that always hangs around the edge.

Today organizations have come to dedicate a good part of their budget to offices and maintenance. A swanky establishment with state-of-the-art décor, facilities and support staff is what qualifies as a modern day office. Basic amenities are no longer basic, with all the advancement in design and technology. What has probably undergone a massive change is the way receptions are in the offices, today. Plush and professional, a reception gives a distinct identity to your organization with the essential branding aspects displayed through it.

To give that best ‘first impression’ to your clients, it is imperative to make your reception chic and vibrant which reflects your brand statement. Right from the color scheme, flooring, lighting pattern, front desk, magazine stand and choice of flowers, every aspect needs to be in sync with each other and the brand. Being the first and last point of contact; your reception can leave that lasting mark on the minds of your clients and potential employees.

Serviced office space comes as a boon to businesses. Not only does it enable customizable design options, it also offers impeccable services.

So how does a serviced office space help in creating that apt reception for your office?

The décor differentiates
There are numerous players for a particular industry segment. Some businesses thrive quickly, while some just struggle to be there. In a competitive market, it’s always that X-factor that draws the attention. In case of a business, it is the extra bit that is over and above the service or product offering. A magnificently decorated reception can definitely get you a step closer to impress your client.

Managed Services: A serviced office space manages a gamut of front office work; attending calls and vendors, calendar management and much more. Continuous attention is paid to the nitty-gritty of your business. Now welcoming guests and drafting mailers would not keep you away from attending to other important work; you can be rest assured that while you take care of your business, other support services are taken care of, as well!

24X7 Operations: A business will run without any hindrance only when all its related services function along with it. In a serviced office space, you are assured that even employee absence/leave would not affect your front office operations, for it is well taken care of. A team would be at your disposal, all the time. So no matter for how long your receptionist is off duty, all important calls and mails would be attended to.

Manage Meeting rooms: Virtual office meeting rooms are a great way to ensure that your business is taken forward without any glitch. You can now manage crucial business meetings with much ease and in a focused manner.

Many a time, businesses suffer because of the lack of proper management of support services. When the infrastructure fails to hold up to the growing pressure of a business, it calls for a more structured and calculated approach towards office management. At iKeva we understand the issues and concerns that a growing business can face and thus offer customized solutions focusing on each of them. iKeva’s reception is designed to provide an uber cool experience, with all the essential managed services. Thus, you not only get a much needed facelift for your reception, but also ensure the best of service as well.

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