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Women-owned start-ups generate more revenues

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Women-owned start-ups generate better revenue and are more promising, but to get investors in the first place is difficult. While funding is a major problem for start-ups, if the founder is a woman, it is even more challenging.

According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group and MassChallenge, when women entrepreneurs seek capital from investors to start their ventures, they receive considerably less funding than men — the disparity can, on  average, be more than $1 million.Yet, women-founded businesses deliver higher revenue – twice as much per dollar invested.

“In terms of revenue, women are lot more patient and persevering when it comes to getting a task done or looking at the goals of the company including and not limited to top line and revenue. I’ve heard VC’s resonate that if there is a woman in the founding team, it makes sense when it comes to target, revenues, APIs and customer retention,” said Monika Mishra, founder of iKeva.


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Published by  Deccan Chronicle on 18th  June ‘18.