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Flexible terms that one can expect in co-working spaces

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‘Co-working space’, the name signifies working with others at the same premises. However, with a difference in choice and requirement, how is it possible to work with others? If this is the question arising in your head, it is vital that you know the flexible advantages of working at a business center where each one has a workspace designed to their taste and preference. 

  1. Collaborative ambiance for networking: Coworking spaces reflect the collaboration between people, irrespective of the difference of selection. When we refer to collaborative office space, we showcase how people with different conditions, variations in the must-haves, and contrasting personalities work happily under one roof. This enables them to grow their network and boost each other when required. Such a collaborative space bolsters the confidence of people and enhances flexibility in work schedules. This kind of flexibility term is unlikely to be seen at any other place, except a shared office space. 
  2. Rent agreement flexibility for budget scalability: Designing an office in urban cities usually requires big investments. Moreover, maintaining them is equally expensive. Coworking space in Mumbai provides this flexibility term wherein you pay for what you use. If you are using the office for one day, you can pay a minimum amount of rs. 500 and get going with your day. This will include the internet and a plug-and-play office. In case you have paid for the workspace, and you have to leave for a meeting, the minimum amount won’t pinch your pocket. This kind of rent flexibility is not available in any kind of space, where you pay for the month, along with an advance amount and then maintain the office too. As opposed to this, in a shared office space, you not only get a furnished office space, but also other facilities like the pantry, rest area, and a board room when you need it.  
  3. Flexibility of space for expansion:  At times when it’s not only you who needs the co-working desk space, but you need it for your peer group or contemporaries for a knowledge transfer. Co-working space gives you this flexibility for hiring a small room with more than one desk wherein you can invite the contemporaries and conduct your sessions without the video call hassle. This builds camaraderie and brings everyone on the same page. This kind of space flexibility is a requisite for the startups, as they grow, they look forward to expanding the space and hence, flexibility is an indispensable factor. 
  4. Flexibility for makeshift phases: On days when you are not sure of the number of hours you will be needing office space, you can opt for booking a ‘hot desk’ for you. This flexibility of choosing the office for a few hours is a great way when you have to move swiftly from one office to another for meetings, and work. This being one of the favorites for several people, makeshift workspace desks are the future for marketers and suppliers and others who work part-time. 
  5. Technical assistance flexibility: With an all-equipped internet connection, an employee of all cadres may require photocopying, scanning, and even printing. This flexibility of proffering the services without prior information would be an extremely facilitating factor for those who receive ad-hoc requests from their employers and clients. It will be even greater if there is an additional resource aiding the process so the time taken for the office space is utilized for the right kind of work and not in the administrative tasks.  

Coworking spaces offered by iKeva are already providing numerous of these flexibilities and thus, are the most preferred by the employees and employers. Now, go and meet like-minded individuals and have a productive day at a progressive office that is an interplay between work and off-work depending upon your needs. iKeva is proud to allow its members and non-members to catalyze their output through its well-furnished and flexible space.