With the growing trend of coworking spaces, companies today have plenty of options for fulfilling their office space needs, and the best among them is managed office space. These serviced offices are ideal even for hybrid work models and provide the businesses with every best-in-class amenity at your disposal. These office setups are becoming very popular, and more companies are interested in using them over purchasing or renting their space.


What is a Managed Office?

Custom-designed managed office space offers businesses a hassle-free area to operate their brand and work to their liking. In such spaces, the companies have their own entry and exit that are restricted by access control systems. Even though you may be working out of shared office spaces, it doesn’t mean that you have to share your managed office space with other companies at all. You can retain your corporate identity, such that it looks like your own office space and not like regular plug and play office spaces.

The space owner will design the managed office per your specific business needs and preferences in such shared office spaces on rent. Simply put, you can choose everything, from the color combination of the walls to all other facilities such as separate pantries or breakout zone. In such a team office, the best part is that you get your own space that you don’t need to share with anyone, however, the common areas are accessible to all. Since these offices are not shared, there is more privacy and security than in any other office space. Here, you can personalize the reception area with your branding and taglines, making it a personalized office space. Such customized managed offices help create an inclusive corporate culture amongst your team members, even if your company works in a hybrid office model.


Why is a Managed Office suitable for all kinds of Businesses?

Many businesses today operate out of coworking spaces that offer them a productive office space to work, along with an area that is shared with people of different companies and backgrounds. Shared office spaces are great for people who want to work independently and focus on building a network with a vibrant and engaged community as well. So, businesses with a large team to cater to people coming to work daily should consider furnished office space.

Since these office spaces for rent offer the companies the flexibility, facilities, and convenience that they need, it is no wonder that the serviced offices are gaining popularity. Additionally, it is an excellent option for those companies who have practically always taken their office on lease. In the case of a lease, the businesses will have to get everything done on their own, from housekeeping and maintenance to administrative tasks. On the other hand, in a plug and play office environment, you just need to tell your requirements, and the office will be set up accordingly.

Moreover, managed office spaces have areas of all sizes, so they can comfortably accommodate small or big office setups. So, a 30-seater office space may be next door to a 100-seater one. And all the world-class facilities are available to all the office spaces, irrespective of their seats. Also, these office spaces are always up to date with the knowledge of the latest technologies and modern working styles, making them the perfect fit for every kind of business. At iKeva, we have restricted access controls, robust IT infrastructure, CCTV surveillance, 24×7 power backup with high-speed Wi-Fi, SLA driven service agreement and more for our valued members.

Speaking of IT services, you will not have to worry about broadband or other facilities. These offices are for rent, have network servers and rooms where the entire IT setup is established. These spaces also provide security against cyberattacks, helping you save your data.

Furthermore, any business, big or small, must hire administrative staff to manage their daily chores such as housekeeping, maintenance, reception and mail management, utilities, pantry, etc. These businesses will not have to worry about anything in a bespoke enterprise office. The workspace provider will be responsible for managing and maintaining the business space, and therefore, there is no need to hire additional staff.


How can a Managed Office help your company to grow?

After the pandemic, many companies were working from home or virtually. Though working from home offers more flexibility, it can be challenging for someone sitting alone and working. In the present-day scenario, this has now given way to a hybrid office model where some of the team members work off of office premises whereas others work from home. Nowadays, many business centers provide managed office spaces for companies, and they are rising in popularity too.

Below are some of the ways through which it can help a business grow positively and effectively:

  1. A managed office space at a premium IT or business hub will have a better impact and impression on your existing and possible clients, potential customers and team members as well.
  2. The serviced office working under one shared office space will enhance employee collaboration, community and networking.
  3. Businesses can include different activities for their employees in their own space without disturbing other office employees. Engaging in activities will ensure that your team is happy and content.
  4. The biophilic design concept and ergonomic furniture ensures that you have a productive and efficient environment.
  5. Working under a managed office will ensure businesses have a proper dispute and conflict resolution method. This will also ensure that you are able to concentrate on your core business areas whilst leaving the routine administrative tasks to the workspace provider.
  6. Coworking spaces offer flexible and agile solutions for companies. So, if you have a hybrid office, you can easily expand your office space or downsize according to your needs.


Wrapping up

With businesses getting access to world-class facilities, managed offices are becoming the latest trend for office spaces. As a result, companies can get their personal space to easily promote their brand and cultivate a positive working environment without worrying about the lease and maintaining the area. Moreover, if you are in a business expected to grow, it is always better to go for a managed office in Hyderabad instead of a traditional office space. If your interest is piqued about how custom-designed managed office space is best for your company, why don’t you drop by for a free tour over a cup of coffee? Simply contact us here and our executive will be happy to help you.

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