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What is a Managed Office? Are Managed Offices right for your business?

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Businesses now have a more comprehensive range of office space options with the changing workplace requirement, and they can even choose a bespoke enterprise office based on their brand guidelines. At a CAGR of 17.1%, the worldwide serviced office market will increase to $74.21 billion in 2027. Let’s take a detailed look at managed offices to see if you and your teams would benefit from them.


Definition of Managed Offices

A managed office allows businesses to personalize and transform the office space. So, even if you have an office space for rent or you are working out of shared office space, you can still select color schemes, furniture, different pantry and breakout zone, separate washrooms, interior decor according to your preference, and more. It also comes with all the best-in-class amenities such as housekeeping and security, restricted access control, mail and courier management and other facilities that are provided at the plug and play office spaces.

Another distinguishing aspect of bespoke offices is the ability they provide to hybrid office culture teams. This flexibility of workspaces, whether you want to upgrade or downsize your teams, or if your team is opting for a hybrid workplace, is what largely appeals to corporates.  Serviced offices offer a blank canvas that you can customize to fit your company’s specific business needs. Unlike a regular office, a serviced office in Hyderabad provides more flexible lease terms and is managed by a third-party office space provider.


What are the Features available in Managed Offices?

Suppose you want to avoid the inconvenience and expense of a traditional office – purchasing your equipment and handling unforeseen maintenance issues. In that case, a customized managed office is a practical and adaptable office space solution.

The features you can see in a managed office or serviced office are as follows:

  • Zero capex
  • Reduction in overhead costs
  • Ideal for 20 to 500+ seats
  • Scalable, built to suit workspaces.
  • Ready to move in within 2 months.
  • Premium locations at Grade A buildings
  • Save upfront costs.
  • Customized office settings according to your brand guidelines


Premium Managed Offices are best suited for Whom?

  • Expanding Companies: Serviced offices are an excellent option for businesses that have outgrown their current space and urgently require more room to accommodate expanding personnel.
  • Entrepreneurs: Serviced offices are a desirable alternative for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and agile teams
  • Hybrid teams
  • Team size ranging from 20 to 500+
  • Ideal for all companies, from startups to offshore companies


What are the Common Benefits of Managed Offices?

If you have a query, “Are Managed Offices right for your Business?” then the short answer will be Yes. And here are the most common advantages of Managed Offices:

Cost Savings 

Everything will be handled by a managed workspace provider, including selecting the ideal facility, designing and furnishing the space to meet your demands, and acquiring furniture, fixtures, utilities, and other items.

By doing this, businesses can spend less on capital projects for routine office upkeep and more on enhancing their cultures, revenues, and productivity. In addition, the company that manages your workplace will also handle regular workspace requirements and future maintenance problems.

Access to Services and Amenities 

Many serviced office space providers, including the address at major business centers, prioritize providing top-notch amenities to boost workers’ productivity and well-being. As a result, even if your company is working alongside other companies in a rented office space, you would still have total control over how it looks and feels.

With state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, ergonomically designed workstations, a cafeteria, roomy lounge areas, natural light sources, biophilic design concept, and luxurious recreational corners or breakout zones, these premium enterprise offices are nothing short of a dream; in other words, they are a place that no employee would want to leave.

Lesser Operational Burdens

The primary goal of team office providers is to relieve you of the weight of menial office administration duties and the trouble and expense of space setup, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – your core business area.

Reducing the operational burden results in dependable service quality, simplification, total operation visibility, cost-efficiency, and increased productivity. This reduction gives you more time to concentrate on managing your company, which is its most important function.

Vibrant and engaging community

Most coworking space providers regularly host interactive community events such as workshops, seminars, speaker sessions, fun activities and celebration of festivals, and a host of other activities. So, no more isolation or working in silos. Say hello to networking opportunities and collaborating with like-minded professionals.


Is a Managed Office Right for Your Business?

Yes, a Managed Office is more suitable for your business, mainly due to the following reasons:


Managed offices are entirely constructed and furnished by your unique business requirements and solely owned by your organization. This ownership implies that you can mark the area on whatever you choose. Not only do you have more options than ever for where you work from, but also for the kinds of work settings.

In reality, furnished office space providers frequently collaborate with an internal team from your business. Doing this ensures that the furnishings, style, and colors complement your brand’s voice and image.


Serviced offices are the ideal compromise between traditional office space’s control and security and coworking spaces’ flexibility and agility. You can enjoy the advantages of plug and play office workspace options like coworking without the hassles or cons of invasion of privacy, compromise on security, and inability to do branding. Workspace-as-a-service options, where everything is handled for the business, will appeal to companies.

Flexible Lease Agreements

Long lease agreements that require a long-term commitment with minimal adjustment options are typical of traditional workplaces. However, a managed office contract, typically lasting between one and three years, is perfect for start-ups likely to see rapid growth. It gives them time to prepare and prevents them from becoming stuck in restrictive lease arrangements with no room to grow.

Private Workspace

When a company chooses a serviced office, they gain access to a space that is exclusively theirs and not shared with other companies. As a result, their staff can settle in and concentrate on their job without any outside interruptions. A further advantage is restricted access controls and visitor management systems.

Easy to Move-in

There is no long period of waiting because these serviced offices are entirely furnished and available for occupancy in lesser time than traditional offices. Most of the facilities are already available to you. In addition, there is no need to unplug or transport heavy equipment when it’s time to go because utilities like internet, water, and electricity are already connected.


Quick Wrap Up

The benefits of traditional office space are still available to businesses through managed offices, but without the main drawbacks, including hidden charges, copious paperwork, and delayed move-in.

Before moving to managed offices,

  • Consider the size and needs of your business.
  • Review the services and amenities available.
  • Analyze the costs and benefits of a managed office.
  • Choose a trusted workspace provider.

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