Are co-working spaces right for everyone?

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Are coworking spaces meant only for a select few? Or, can everyone use them? Let us see who can make the best use of such dynamic spaces to further their dreams. Before we delve deeper into the kind of people who can call shared office spaces, their second home, let us explore more about what such spaces have to offer us.

  • A fully-furnished reception

Shared office spaces usually have an impressive reception with all required facilities to greet your clients and keep them comfortable while they wait for you. Trained and courteous receptionists guide your clients to get your business done efficiently.

  • Community and camaraderie

Shared office spaces create a sense of community and camaraderie that helps people interact with other people from different cultures and mindsets. By sharing a workspace with similar-minded people, you can network with them while you share common resources. Usually, such spaces organize events to bring people together and get to know each other better. This also cuts the isolation that freelancers usually face. There are many things you learn by engaging with different kinds of people at work that you would otherwise never do alone.

  • Support for IT and office maintenance

Another benefit that shared office spaces can offer us is complete support in terms of IT and administrative maintenance. Business phone calls are efficiently handled and so is your business mail. You can also depend on such office spaces to provide high-speed, state of the art IT facilities, so you need not be bothered by slow and unreliable Internet connections any more.

  • Group advantage

Shared office spaces gain a lot of monetary savings for small business owners and entrepreneurs due to the awesome deals and bargains that are rolled out by the premier brands in the business. These offers make working at coworking spaces all the more attractive and cost-efficient.

So, who can use such spaces the best?

Individuals and freelancers

Individuals and freelancers often suffer from the isolation that comes with the job or the distractions of the home. A shared space can not only promise them a dedicated work station and fully-equipped office facilities, but also a knowledgeable and resourceful community to network with.

Startups and entrepreneurs

Startups with a small team of employees or lone entrepreneurs with a passion to do something big, need a small managed space to set up operations. Their intent is to focus on their product and build the future of the startup. While the coworking partner handles the hassles of day-to-day work, the startup can concentrate on bringing out a beautiful creation.

Multinational corporates and international brands

Surprise! Surprise! Even multinational corporates and international brands can gain a lot out of shared office space. When a big firm is testing waters in a new geographic, such spaces offer the security required. Firms can spread their tentacles without having to burn them by getting it over their head. They want to create small business hubs that do not need large-scale maintenance and a shared office space is the perfect solution. In addition, a shared office space mimics the community feel and the camaraderie of a large workspace with its varied mix of people from different cultures and mindsets.

Small and medium sized businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses usually go by the mantra of “Kick start small and grow big.” Such businesses require a safe option during their transition phase so as to balance their CAPEX and minimize their spending on real estate. Shared office space is a good option for such businesses because of the complete support that they receive in terms of all the facilities that a fully-functional business unit needs, including a business address and manned phone number.

There’s really no end to the numerous benefits that a coworking space can offer a wide variety of people and groups. No matter what your business is, a managed space can make your life a whole lot better.

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