Power of consolidation – advantages of using consolidated office space.

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As entrepreneurs and responsible managers, we walk with tight pockets and mini budgets to accomplish harder goals and heavier targets than usually possible. As people belonging to this ilk, we love challenges and solving harder problems every day. An ardent quest to find one miraculous solution for perfect office space, in this modern day has been answered. A modern office space for the initial days of business venturing is created on the premise of power of consolidation, offering advantages rising out of this arrangement.

What does such arrangement offer?

This new age serviced office space system provides entrepreneurs and branch managers, advantages through consolidating common amenities of office infrastructure. Consolidation helps managers and entrepreneurs get more from less! Gaining more from less is always a crucial business goal in every business agenda. Both hard and soft business needs are taken care through a shared office space option.

Both apprehension and excitement may arise when one needs to opt in for a shared office space. However, the solution identified evaluates business circumstances to build and take advantage through consolidating shared resources.

How does serviced/shared office space provide economies?

Power of consolidation prepares startups and early subsidiaries to gain escape velocity and tread towards fast growth. Finding an office space that brings the economies of consolidating shared services helps to optimize our efforts and lay focus only on business growth. Smart solution providers like iKeva have their offerings structured to make most out of minimal. A quick look at the checklist below explains this:

Shared Meetings Rooms: In a given business day, if your meeting rooms are not used, it means you have wasted the real estate at your disposal. Such usage would be a pricey affair for beginners with low cost lines. Serviced Offices come in different formats like plug and play offices, coworking spaces and virtual offices while shared meeting rooms being one of them. In such formats, when you don’t use a meeting room, you don’t pay for it. This helps you disperse your money into other growth oriented aspects of your business.

Exclusive IT services in an integrated framework: This model is also known to be a ‘flexible office space’ model because it allows exclusive phone lines and internet connectivity at a subsidized price by bringing all these transactions within one IT framework. These services are also supported by an IT personnel, which otherwise would have been an expensive affair.

Reception/ Front office setup: When you hire a receptionist with the necessary front office setup, it is not included in your real estate expenses. The modern office space solution factors in this too into your space utilization expense. This almost erases the cost you may have to incur over the human resource and front office setup.

Support staff: An ignored and non-inclusive factor that bothers entrepreneurs and managers is the uninterrupted help form support staff. Serviced office space takes care of this factor too by letting you focus completely on the macro details of your operations rather than attending to the complexities of micro management.

Shared network: This is a soft element addressed in this consolidated model. Flexible office spaces attract more people from similar networks. They create a growth oriented ecosystem that accelerates growth and creates a platform to share common network and other similar resources.

ikeva serviced offices have customized plans for unique office space needs while leveraging the advantages of consolidated resource usage. This smart solution lashes down the heavy CAPEX and IT costs which otherwise would be incurred through a traditional office rental space. This solution is most preferred because of its choice of geographic location and flexibility in scaling operations within the space. Smart entrepreneurs are smartly shifting into such flexible office spaces to make the most!

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