Why is iKeva a Perfect Workshop for the Contemporary Populace?

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There has been an undeniable shift in the priorities & the overall mentality of the millennials when it comes to the workspace. This shift is due to the fact that today’s workforce is driving newer visions regarding the future of work and the modern workplaces facilitate them in attaining their vision. Due to this shift in the priorities and mentality of today’s workforce, we have witnessed a great demand for the coworking spaces.

We all have witnessed the evolution of the coworking spaces since its beginning. While the coworking spaces were just introduced about a decade ago, these were majorly targeted for the startups and freelancers. However, over the passage of time, we have seen that the market of the coworking spaces has expanded considerably as there are several transnational and large companies vying for the coworking spaces. There are large and prominent companies like Microsoft, Pepsi, KPMG and Paytm opting to use coworking spaces.

The optimal culture of collaboration and independence is very largely adopted by several larger corporations with the aim of encouraging innovation, engaging new partners and to build stronger cultures in the workplace.

This has been well-understood by the experts that the prevailing approach of the traditional offices is no more a fit for the workforce in today’s environment. Most of the professionals of today’s age are lured by futuristic services & superseding ambitions. A futuristic and progressive coworking space like iKeva is very suitable for attaining the goals and fulfilling the ambitions of the ambitious workforce of today’s era. Thus, several corporations, MNCs and SMEs are increasingly propelling towards iKeva as they are finding it a perfect workspace for the contemporary populace.

The state-of-art facilities are very ingeniously designed in order to meet all the business requirements that the contemporary genre demands. Since its inception, iKeva has been considered the numero uno in the realm of the shared offices because of the following services-

  • State of Art Technology– The facilities which iKeva offers are completely equipped with the most modern amenities like the comfortable workstations, virtual offices, IP based telephony, meeting rooms and diligent office staffs to assist the members of iKeva. iKeva centers are located in the most prime locations which are in premium business districts as well as have the best connectivity. The enviable infrastructures, as well as the good maintenance routines, make the iKeva centers even more desirable. Needless to say, the transparent pricing chart for the members offers the best value for your hard-earned money. These long lists of facilities attract the ambitious millennials to adopt iKeva because it saves them from the tiring and hazardous duty of setting up their own private office.
  • Enduring professionalism– iKeva is dedicated to creating a world-class experience for its members in all its centers. The coworking space at iKeva is dedicated to incorporating the best hospitable reception team management staffs that are ever ready to assist and decked up in the prim and proper uniform. The carefully designed and well-curated ergonomic infrastructure intends in maximizing the productivity and reducing the fatigue during the long hours of work.
  • Premium locations– The iKeva centers are situated in the most premium locations with the best connectivity in the concerned city. The vicinity is usually spacious and the workstations are not cluttered in iKeva unlike another run of the mill offices. iKeva has proved to help the young professionals grow and thrive well by offering the most congenial work environment.



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