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Life at iKeva: Productivity through activity

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As The Dalai Lama once said, happiness is not ready-made. We know that to be true, especially in a workplace. This however can change when there are plenty of engaging events and activities planned to keep spirits at the office high. With that in mind, we create experiences for our clients and employees that help lower stress levels and bring them closer together.

Our creative office workspaces come with various activities that integrate the work with plenty of fun. Keeping morale high with plenty of engaging activities has proved to increase productivity and keeps the work moving smoothly. In keeping with the Christmas spirit, we organized a Secret Santa for everyone in our offices. Everyone across our workspaces picked someone for whom they could play Secret Santa for a day. It was a fun event, made all the more interesting with many people from different companies participating and getting to know each other.

We organize plenty of activities at iKeva. Carom competitions, dumb charades and Antakshari are just the tip of the event iceberg in our offices. These activities encourage discussions and conversations among the individuals from different companies in our workplaces. It’s these things that create a work friendly culture, making a healthy work environment for everyone.

We also plan activities and outreach programs for audiences beyond our workspaces like community-building activities. We held a Quiz competition on Gandhi Jayanti just for this, with the main topic being Mahatma Gandhi. We believe it our duty to reach out to society as a whole as well as other communities out there, building a network and establishing channels of communication with them.

Another regular feature at iKeva is the Q&A session. We organize panel discussions as well, with pioneers in society and their respective fields as a regular part of our schedule. Social Media Guru Raghu Seelamsetty came down to iKeva as part of a digital marketing workshop/ panel discussion. We held plenty of other such events, like the workshop on lean patenting for startups, using Facebook as a lead generation tool and many more events. We also hold tight to our Corporate Social Responsibility with events such as environmental awareness programs, donation of clothes during events of disaster and frequent health camps that increase health awareness and ensures that the people in our offices, employees and clients alike are in the best of health.

Happiness is a big part of our business model. We believe strongly that happy people make for happy, productive workspaces. We pride ourselves on being creative, engaging and providing the best experience to our clients and employees and so, we work towards strengthening the bonds in our workspaces so you can have a creative, productive and incredibly collaborative and social workspace. Unity in Diversity is a motto we firmly believe in and, we include it in all we do, for a complete productive workspace experience.