In a Coworking space, one comes across an utterly mismatched sort of people. From complaint-boxes to cheerleaders, from soreheads to thrill-seekers, from social butterflies to self-absorbed introverts, from pessimists to optimists, from bossy to subdued, from magnetic to repulsive and from clowns to stoic souls. At iKeva, we cherish them all equally. This omnium gatherum is an attestation to the widely disputed postulate that coworking spaces are not ideal for all personality genres.

Our minds are wired in such an approach that we rarely imagine beyond stereotypes. It took us decades to accept that a homemaker may not essentially be a woman and a banker may not essentially be a gentleman. A very similar viewpoint has emerged about the outgoing and introspective people. When one mentions about two employees; one, working from home and another, coworking at a plug and play centre, people are disposed towards associating the former with a reserved persona and the latter with an affable one. However, research suggests that in actuality, it is the other way round. It may sound like a swagger coming from a coworker but let me rest my case. This can be scrutinized, broadly on three grounds:

Introverts Versus Extroverts:

Coworking spaces are ideal for people belonging to any part of the personality spectrum because they offer something to everyone. Be it introverts or extroverts, all of us tend to thrive in plug and play offices. Many people question the fact ‘why will an introvert person deliberately surround himself with unfamiliar people?’. Well, for that matter; a survey’s results imply one in every five coworkers consider themselves introverts. Although they are drained of energy when in the social milieu, they still need a social sanctuary in order to assimilate skills and knowledge and improve. Traditional offices do not give such people an authority to have control over their social exposure and therefore render them vulnerable. In contradiction, working remotely may create an insular feeling and plummet their effervescence, while maligning their mental health in the long run. Consequently, coworking space is the best option for self-contained people.

Although introverts shy away from social gatherings, they do not abhor socializing. At iKeva, association and interplay happen organically, without exerting pressure on anyone to hobnob. Therefore, the relationships are less gawky and more at ease. A coworker is not compelled to have an acquaintance with everybody at the workplace. A shared office space permits them to fraternize at their own pace, with whomsoever they feel contented and assured. Another perk for introverts choosing plug and play offices is, they have enough room for employees to enjoy solitude. There are cubicles, cafeterias, hang out areas that one can go to recharge themselves with reclusion. The group activities are tailored in a fashion that involves lots of lively and scintillating activities, outings and celebrations of festivals. Extroverts may enjoy taking part in such activities, but introverts rejoice just observing them. The main advantage of coworking spaces is that, on one hand, it gives an avenue for inhibited and insecure people to learn social skills and become self-assertive; while giving them their private territory.

Coworking Curtails Social Awkwardness:

Another idiosyncrasy prevalent among professional folk is social awkwardness. Reinforced by one’s efforts of trying to escape public glare, it is an attribute that has the propensity to barricade one’s professional and personal self-actualization. The remedy to social awkwardness is systematic desensitization to social interaction. This can be achieved by consciously and progressively putting oneself in social affairs. The very first day at coworking space may give you cold feet and push you into a convoluted labyrinth of racking anxiety. However, the ambiance at iKeva and its spirits pull you out of this bottomless turmoil, to metamorphose you into a gregarious and socially confident person.

The traditional office is ridden with many fickle and mercurial episodes involving the gestures, involving social aggression such as taunts, bickering and mockery. Office politics, unhealthy competition and differences in opinion add fuel to the fire. Whereas, in a coworking space this does not happen. It is a bunch of unfamiliar people from divergent backgrounds, put together under one roof, yet working independently. Thus, giving the workers more autonomy. It induces positive feelings like empathy and solicitude. It edifies them not to erase their flaws and imperfections but to embrace them. Shared office spaces infuse an aura of community feeling in the individuals and break conventional work culture. This warms up the inhabitants of the coworking space and prepares them to defrost their coyness and timidity.

Coworking Develops One’s Overall Personality:

Coworking spaces not only revolutionize one’s professional portfolio but also brings multiple benefits on a personal front. The main virtue of choosing coworking on employees is their overall personality enhancement. A robust sense of engagement involving coworkers from diversified professions and organizations. This equips us to acquire knowledge from a fellow coworker’s entrepreneurial behavior.

Shared office spaces give us the golden opportunity to immerse oneself in refreshing activities. This includes events, collaborations, parties, meetups and games. When things like these happen at workplaces, employees have the scope to discover themselves, cherish their talents and develop new skills. ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’ kind of a state can be eschewed. The balance between work and recreation is essential for one’s improvement.

Coworking boosts productivity, creativity and creates a knack of networking opportunities, complementing your professional identity. It changes our attitude towards work; as we learn to put our passion and zeal into the tasks we do. Self-motivation and ambitiousness booms when we are surrounded by like-minded people. Coworkers not only learn new skills but also develop the existing ones. It builds our expertise and proficiency. iKeva is the bank for millennials looking for the latest currency of knowledge.

All in all, coworking is the classic choice for all. No personality type or profession is such that it cannot fit into coworking. It is the host location where everyone can thrive, progress and prosper. Shared office space is a substitution for the retrograde and archaic conventional offices.


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