For an entrepreneur starting his own organization, telecommuting or renting a small room has been a choice consistently, but now we are witnessing an expanding number of people moving towards coworking space because of varied benefits. One of the greatest introductory attractions of coworking spaces for start-up organizers is the flexibility in pricing choices. Leasing a shared office is a lot less expensive than leasing traditional office space and incorporates a lot of additional benefits.

With regards to meeting customers, cafeterias serve the needs to some extent, but a coworking space provides a more expert setting to discuss products or services with customers or clients. Aside from providing space to work, these workplaces come packaged with regular care staff like housekeeping, reception, and other facilities like high-speed seamless internet connection, cafeteria, IT support, fully Air-conditioning etc. which is hard for an individual or a start-up to organize in a traditional office.

Here are the tips for choosing the best coworking space.

1. Location

Consider the location of the coworking space whether it is accessible for you and all of your employees. Apart from this, it should also be accessible to your clients and investors alike. Besides, the location you choose should also have other amenities like nearby transportation facilities, places to eat, places to shop etc. If the transportation facility is not good, then your employees themselves will not be interested to come to work. So, choosing the right location plays one of the important roles in the success of your start-up.

2. Financial Affordability

At the starting stage of your business, you need to plan the financial budget carefully. You might be self-investing or some of you might be getting funds from the investors, the optimum use of capital is necessary. So, it is a clever move to choose a coworking space that has flexible pricing options. You should carefully choose the coworking spaces which provides you larger benefits at a lower cost depending upon the location and facilities they provide.

3. Security

Particularly in a shared office, security places a crucial role. If you want to leave your work-related stuff on the desk instead of your locker in the overnight, the safety and security of your stuff is essential. Giving an access restricted entry would further improve the security. So, be sure to check what security measures they take and whether they will be monitoring the people who enter the workspace.

4. Workspace Accessibility

If you want to work at the odd hours or to the timings of other countries, then the coworking space must be open 24×7. So, before selecting the coworking space find the opening hours for 24×7 if you need flexible working hours. Most of the coworking spaces in Mumbai and other metropolis will have 24×7 operations.

5. Networking Opportunities

When you think of coworking spaces the one important benefit that comes to mind is networking opportunities that they provide to the employees. Coworking spaces will find ample opportunities to meet like-minded people or potential clients who may help you to improve your business. It is good to know what other companies or coworkers are working in the coworking space.

6. Examine the needs of your start-up

Before selecting a coworking space, prepare a list including all your needs based on the objective of your start-up. Analyze the coworking space whether they fulfill all your needs. For example, if you want to interact with like-minded people then see which other start-ups or organizations are sharing the workspace and organize good community activities. If the coworking space caters all your needs then check if it can also act as a catalyst to your business.

7. The Ambiance of the coworking space

The ambiance of the workspace likely affects the efficiency and productivity of the employee. It is said that in a workplace that is bright and breezy the employees are likely to be more productive and in a workplace that is dirty and shabby employees are less productive because they might feel bored and demotivated. It is better to check the coworking space by visiting it before choosing.

If the coworking space you are choosing gives a check to all the above list, then it’s the right one for you. If you are a start-up and looking for a coworking space with these facilities, then you must consider iKeva which provides these facilities and offers customized solutions.

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