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Exciting Ways to Increase Personal Bonding with Colleagues in Coworking Spaces!

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While it is exciting to occupy a coworking space and share ideas with your fellow workers in a diverse atmosphere, such spaces can become boring if there is a lack of appropriate opinion exchange. Hence, it is important to maintain a healthy surrounding for personal bonding with co-workers, thereby improving the quality of work life in a coworking space.


If you are struggling with ideas to transform your coworking space by increasing personal bonding with colleagues, here are some tips for you:


  1. Organise weekly breakfast sessions – A good breakfast with a group of like-minded people is a great way to start the day! A gathering of fresh, creative minds in the morning is the perfect situation to assimilate different ideas and diverse perspectives. In this way, you can get to know your coworkers better, develop a healthy relationship and personal bonding with them.


  1. Organise monthly seminars – Seminars are a great for knowledge-sharing and exchange of ideas. A monthly gathering of coworkers at a reflective seminar enables the flow of expert discussions and awareness sessions. In this way, you understand your coworkers’ thought process better and amalgamate your ideas accordingly. Seminars enable personal bonding with coworkers because they make people speak about issues of common interest and share similar opinions.


  1. Celebrate every coworker’s birthday – Surprise birthday bashes are a wonderful way to show your colleagues that you care for them! Make a list of every worker’s birthdates and celebrate each one of them by ordering a cake and some yummy snacks. To keep the costs low, Dutch the total expenditure. This is a wonderful and informal way to build friendships among coworkers who already share common beliefs.


  1. Organise monthly game sessions – Games sessions call for some fun moments to be shared among coworkers! Even if outdoor games are not preferable, organise some convenient indoor games that can be played by everyone, irrespective of their expertise in sports. Sports involve mutual engagement in a relaxed setting, enabling all players to come together as a unified team, thereby expanding their personal bonds.


  1. Organise picnics – Seasonal picnics are great in terms of relaxation, keeping aside the regular hectic work schedule. Picnics take place in places that are located away from the workspaces, and give the coworkers an opportunity to behave in an easy-going manner. This reveals the more intimate nature of every colleague. Sharing an intellectual intimacy with your coworkers helps you understand them better, and build relationships based on personal bonds.


It is vital to ensure that your coworking space is an exciting place in which you feel comfortable to engage in important tasks. A coworking space should be more relaxed than your formal workplace; hence you must build personal bonds with your coworkers so that work becomes more like an exciting activity that you look forward to performing!

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