Now that telecommuting is becoming highly acceptable in the modern workforce, multiple companies are implementing remote work policies. This implementation is carried forward due to the multiple benefits of the employees in general. Even, some businesses have taken a leap by eliminating the importance of physical office altogether. This helps in building a complete virtual team. Allowing remote work at any office involves candidate screening right during the phase of hiring.

But there must be certain traits of candidates that you need to look forward to before building a remote team. To know about the traits, keep reading on.

Value for Result over Process

Ever since the beginning of hiring takes place, almost all employees become remote. One can learn to value two of the traits. One is the need of the people being together with a detailed plan of action for any project. In this way, this becomes clear to everyone who is in need of easy and accountable results. While on the other hand, the other happens to be the need of people valuing results over process.

But it is merely impossible to look over every individual’s shoulder. So, as a manager, you must be comfortable in setting up goals as well as holding individuals. And if you are managing correctly and understand that results come in the first place, then the job is done.

Complete Test Projects Successfully

For any Virtual office, half of the team happens to be remote. In order to hire remotely, you must have a good enough test system in the place. One can either work on either a test of the previous project or a live project. People on the phone, as well as paper interviews, might sound good at first. But until one starts working with them, one cannot judge any of the individuals.

And there are times when you don’t have an appropriate answer. Or, simply, certain situations indulge you with asking help from others. In such scenarios, routine questions are answered by online. You absolutely need no help from the team members.

Natural Problem Solvers

You can come across two kinds of workers. One of them happens to be the kind of worker who will follow the instructions given to them. They will also come to you with multiple questions when they are confused by any aspect. These workers see the forest for the trees. Hence, they can lead to a huge deal of time wasted just by asking and understanding the problems.

On the contrary, the other kind of folks understands the bigger picture. In the Virtual office, they always know the importance of getting the project finished on time. They also get their job done and have whatever legwork needed on the end. The big-picture focus and self-determination are the two essential aspects of the latter kind of workers. This makes them the perfect remote team member.

Possess a Strong Technical Aptitude

Companies comprise a developing team working full-time remotely. And they hire several rights as well as wrong people too. People having good technical aptitude always score well in their work. They are the ones who stay longer and satisfy the management due to the challenges that they always overcome. A remote team doesn’t need someone who is looking for mentors or seniors. Instead, it should be someone who can willingly be a part of the small remote team. He or she must have a self-motivating factor to learn and enhance themselves.

Having a Growth Mindset

It is always the mindset that can make the best out of any job role. Getting the right kind of team player who can fit perfectly in the Virtual office becomes mandatory. There are folks who always look for mindset in the first place. Hiring must introduce someone sans existing beliefs, ego or biases. This, in fact, happens to be the last thing that anyone wants from the telecommuting hire.

The Self-Starters Ones

Hiring for any remote team involves the most essential trait. That being said, it is the ability to be a self-starter. This is an important trait as they ones while working remotely wouldn’t have any boss hovering over the team. The Virtual office wants a productive attitude towards work. The correct people must be capable of getting up each morning and be productive in the first place.

You can look for capable employees who have gathered enough experience from their past job role. In this way, you will be able to know what they might expect from the present company. There are times when a new candidate might tell you that they are comfortable working remotely. But they might just not realize the significance of their job role. As a matter of fact, remote working is not the correct environment to thrive in.

Punctuality and Responsiveness

When anyone is working remotely, they must have extreme punctuality with the deadlines as well as meetings. This is due to the start and stops nature of the virtual work. As a matter of fact, lack of timeliness and response might end up with unproductive behavior and frustrations. The worst scenario is when you are stuck waiting for someone who is not responsible for their job role. The best remove employees are aware of their work and are extremely communicative with the workflow of others.

Motivated Something Larger than Life

The intrinsically motivated team member will succeed in the end. And regardless of whether they’re in remote or in-office, the aforementioned fact is certainly true. Employees on the desk in a centralized office might seem as productive. However, they can spend half of their time on the social networking site. As a matter of fact, you need team members with an utter commitment towards their work. So look for someone who is prominent enough with his or her commitment towards the work.

Wrap up

Thus, this concludes how one can look for certain traits in individuals while hiring for remote employees. Remember that the last thing you need from any telecommunicating firm hire is the trust.

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