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Main Differences between A Serviced Office And Regular Office Space

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In the co-working sector, the concept of serviced offices is fast gaining a strong foothold today.

Serviced offices, in general terms, are fully equipped and furnished, functioning office space or building run by a facility management company, which then rents individual offices or floors to other companies.

On the other hand, conventional offices require things to be set up from the scratch starting from the furnishing to equipment. Regular offices are mostly leased out for well-established companies who are looking for long-term plans.

For those who are keen to understand the basic differences between these two, here are the aspects in which serviced offices differ from regular offices.

Differences between a regular office and serviced office

  • Design – Serviced offices are fully furnished and well-equipped like any other office. A serviced office contains the entire infrastructure required for a corporate office. They have a feel of a corporate environment and provide greater privacy to companies. They have internet and electricity facility – one just needs to plug in their laptop and start working. On the other hand, the work in a regular office starts only after the papers are signed.
  • Budget and cost of a lease – Office spaces like serviced offices are quite pocket-friendly for SME’s and start-ups. Businesses that are looking for small term plans to develop their strategies and plans can make use of these serviced offices. For regular office spaces, one has to pay a bomb before taking the lease for a long-term period.
  • Location – Serviced offices are mostly found in prime locations which in turn will give a great positioning for your company. With the infrastructure, your company or start-ups can help you climb the corporate ladder. Regular offices take a longer period of time to get a prime location for their office spaces. The lease is already higher on top of that getting hold of a prime location would just add on to the cost.
  • Flexibility- Serviced workspaces are more flexible when compared to regular offices. Space is normally flexible, allowing for additional space to be allocated at short notice.
  • Stress– When we talk about office spaces, serviced offices are less stressful to handle when compared to our conventional offices. One does not have to worry about the pounding bills and maintenance of the building. Serviced office providers have their own team of professionals who look after worker demands and issues.

Why serviced office?

The relevance of serviced office space is increasing and the concept is getting more attention in today’s competitive world. Small businesses, start-ups and even large corporations who are moving towards new ventures are leasing these new serviced office space for their business to flourish. A shared office is also slowly running over regular offices as people prefer more of a liberal and creative work area at present.

Such workspaces are ideal for young entrepreneurs to discuss new ideas and also make use of the amenities like a normal office provides

Once you have decided on the right kind of business or have clarity on the nature of the work, picking an ideal workspace becomes easier, which would fulfill all your requirements.