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How Bloggers Can Benefit From A Co-Working Space

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Co-working spaces are gaining tremendous popularity in the metro cities and have become a massive trend among the working section. Also known as shared offices, one can easily figure out the difference between a coworking space and a normal corporate office.

The smell of coffee and snacks and the infectious energy and enthusiasm defines a co-working office.  The culture here has a drastic difference when compared to the typical corporate world. A corporate runs more on rules and standards while shared offices have a much sociable environment. There are event spaces as well for businesses to hold corporate and social occasions.

Why co-working space?

A Co-working space offers affordable office space for growing entrepreneurs and business that want to grow. Most of them have office-like amenities such as desks, private meeting rooms and boardrooms, kitchens, coffee shop and others to name. The working space is super flexible and an ideal environment for businesses to grow. Most of the SME, freelancers and young entrepreneurs prefer this kind of work setup at present.

Research shows that co-working can improve productivity, with 71% of workers saying they feel more creative in a co-working environment, while 68% say they are able to focus more as compared to their normal offices.

Bloggers and co-working space

Most of the bloggers are digital nomads and are confined to the four walls of their homes as freelancers. There are times when they might feel isolated and want to run away from the redundant life! But if they opt to work in these shared offices, a boost in creativity is very likely.

More and more bloggers are turning to coworking spaces in Mumbai today. Let us find out the benefits of doing so –

  • Save money – If a freelance blogger is planning to set up their own office space then it can be totally avoided with these co-working spaces. Save your money and risks of setting up an office from scratch.
  • Networking – Bloggers can get more networking opportunities in a co-working space. Once a person networks there they will realize that it is a space full of creative minds. If you want to enhance the visibility of your blog and want to make it look more appealing then you may befriend a creative or website designer through your networking. One can start new conversations and collaborations through networking.
  • Less disturbance – One does not have to worry anymore about their family interference or unplanned if they opt for co-working spaces. Every co-working space has certain noise rules due to which there are fewer distractions. Shared offices give you your own space and peace of mind.
  • Creativity – The level of creativity would increase as you tend to meet and be part of different communities and groups. They also organize educational events which would give bloggers a wider perspective to their work and content.
  • More income – In a co-working space one will end up meeting new people through networking which would, in turn, help you get clients or more work to your desk.

Co-working continues to grow and now it is your turn to grow and gain a new perspective in life. Get involved bloggers!

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