Coworking Spaces in Mumbai Are No Longer Just for Tech Startups

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This goes without saying that the sharing economy has very mightily taken over the world, and India is not an exception at all. The rapid development can be witnessed in several industries, and the real-estate providers are also going an extra step ahead to offer the most fabulous offerings to the clients. Coworking spaces are something which is in vogue in the present age.
In today’s world, coworking spaces are major in the limelight. The world-class sharing office and workspaces in Mumbai are rentable on a ‘desk’ rate unlike the square meters like in the case of the traditional offices. The shared offices in Mumbai are being popped up in all the major business districts of Mumbai.

Coworking spaces in Mumbai usually conjure the images of several tech startups in the incubation periods. But this is no more the scenario in the coworking spaces as these places are developing beyond the commonly perceived stereotypes and have already started to provide service to the several sectors that are contributing to the development of the economy. These various sectors previously depended on the traditional offices for their mode of operations.
In this write-up, we would discuss the ways by which the coworking spaces in Mumbai are rapidly evolving in order to appeal the various startup clientele ranging from the MNCs to the SMEs. The various foreign companies which are entering India are also taking the right benefits of the world-class shared offices in Mumbai.

The concept of coworking space

The coworking spaces are the well-furnished and serviced shared offices which are specially designed in order to encourage the effective knowledge sharing and collaboration. Coworking environment also breeds the much-desired air of creativity and innovation.Coworking spaces are now initiating the challenge to claim that the coworking spaces are more effective than the typical and traditional workspaces. The coworking spaces are not designed like the traditional office spaces which have separate departments and designated desks. Furthermore, the traditional offices usually lease spaces in square feet or square meters but unlike the traditional offices, the coworking spaces are being leased on the per person basis which makes it all the more flexible and economic especially for the startups and small companies with small teams.

Growing appeal that is attracting the SMEs and MNCs

The increasing competition in the market is leading to several coworking spaces which are coming up with several extra offerings like pet-friendliness, creative perks, availability of beer pints, on-site gyms and also spas and saunas. Not only these luxuries, there are several flexibilities attached to the coworking spaces. We would not have thought of the luxuries of the coworking spaces a few years back when it comes to workspace but these have become a reality in today’s world with the introduction of the world-class coworking spaces in Mumbai.
We can set few examples of the advantages and flexibilities attached to the coworking spaces. In the conventional and traditional offices, while in the process of the office space renting you need to consider the number of staffs or team members and then estimate the area of the office. Additionally, there is a requirement of signing a lease and additional responsibility of investing in the interior decorations and office furniture.
With the advent of the coworking spaces, the concept of the payment per occupant came into being. The coworking space providers are charging occupant per month for using the workspace with all necessary amenities like the high-speed internet, printing, security, copying areas and several others which are required for seamless operations.
The concentrated efforts of the coworking space providers add a lot of value to the startupsSMEs and MNCs and thus the appeal of the companies towards the coworking spaces in Mumbai are growing day by day.
The startupsSMEs and MNCs are in full swing outreaching a core of their operations and marketing from the coworking spaces. While the trends in Mumbai reveal that approximately, 50 percent of the coworking spaces occupants are SMEs and MNCs, while the other remaining fifty percent of the coworking spaces are being occupied by the startups. Thus, this is obvious to land to a conclusion that the shared offices in Mumbai are no longer just for the tech startups. All types of businesses including big and small are trying out coworking spaces and are happy with the offerings. Thus, coworking spaces are coming out to be the future for everyone and not just startups.
Beyond the purpose of serving as bridges for the various corporations, the coworking spaces are also providing various business advantages to the SMEs and MNCs like giving access to a network of potential partners and clients, extremely competitive pricing for several services & goods and providing VIP workspaces in the top-rated & prestigious business districts of Mumbai.

What are the present & future of the coworking spaces?

As a concept, coworking is very rapidly gaining momentum and thus growing at a very high rate across the world. Mumbai is being the commercial capital of the country is not an exception. The coworking spaces in Mumbai are experiencing intense demand for their great work culture which encourages more innovative and creative environments for better productivity. The revolution of the coworking spaces has already started in India and they are now no more merely populated by the startups and technology companies. There are companies from various other sectors which are already trying out the shared offices in Mumbai. 
As more and more of the SMEs and MNCs are entering the fray, with the passing time the coworking space providers’ services are also increasing. So,  coworking spaces will inevitably experience more growth in the future and is here to stay.

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