An Offbeat Guide to Optimizing your Office Space

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Setting up an office can be a tall order. You’ve got to rent a place, set up the fixtures and a whole lot of stuff in between. But the number of well-made offices in any reasonably developed part of the country implies that putting in the hard work often pays off.

There could be a number of reasons for an organization to desire a practical yet aesthetically pleasing workspace. You could want to improve the reputation of your business/firm. Or you could simply be thinking of maximizing employee effectiveness and providing them with a conducive environment for optimal productivity. There comes a time when a person thinks that going through the traditional parameters for buying/renting a workspace is not enough; Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Why the mindset is changing

The idea that offices must be highly professional, and not differ from the norms, has no place in the modern business landscape. It is now largely accepted that the modern workforce deserves a workplace that is tuned and personalized to their desires and reflective of the organization’s culture and ethos. Fortunately, many organizations aren’t.

Behind everything, even something as seemingly simple and trivial as office layout, there is something greater. Not in the sense of greatness, but about the non-verbal impact it has on employees and visitors or clients alike. Accompanying that is a culture of practicality and common sense. Employers have learned to present a polished face to their employees and customers.

The Parameters Beyond Cost


Though many may prefer to get an inexpensive location and give their office a functional look, as has been traditionally done, the locality does matter. It must be noted that a good location opens access to quality clientele like most of the coworking spaces, even if you work on a B2B model. Brand reputation being more important than ever in today’s time, it’s important to ensure that the office layout matches or even outdoes the expected levels of a standard firm.

But what is a good location?

 Any place that is accessible, clean and fairly open is considered a good office space. The aspects to look out for when scouting for a good location are price, value and utilities. Firstly, it should be affordable. The point of office space is to get a high Return on Investment (RoI). That brings us to value. This is valid in two cases:

  • If you are renting a managed or serviced office, you should opt for brands that have a reputation for quality offices in good locations.
  • And more importantly, you must prioritize essentials like clean water, a stable electricity supply, and a good business ecosystem around you.

Interior design

Interior design can often be the primary driving factor behind your teams (and clients) looking forward to being in office. For that purpose, it is absolutely essential that the utmost care is paid to this aspect.

There are a number of things to keep in mind to this end. The layout must be designed carefully and quality furniture and electrical appliances are a must. This can prevent technical issues and further repair costs in the future.

It goes without saying that not maintaining some consistency in design can cause irreparable harm to your business. What would be even more difficult to digest is that this problem can be easily avoided when proper care is taken.


Going for greenery in the office space can help to brighten up (and maintain) everyone’s mood. And rest assured, there are ways to go green without making a mess.

  • Using non-draining pots should solve any problems usually faced by keeping plants at home or the workspace.
  • The benefits outweigh the disadvantages, like a marked improvement in employee morale.
  • Adding ornamental plants give a good touch to any office while instilling a feeling of freshness and calm.

Having all these items in place could work wonders for all stakeholders – the organization, and the workforce. A combination of these could effectively reinvent the office’s appeal. Elevating brand reputation while assisting employees in many ways, it’s a win-win. Most of the coworking spaces in Bangalore or another metropolis will have all these facilities pre-installed.

Co-working space providers like iKeva have offices that have been professionally designed for modern businesses. iKeva features the right mix of utility, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. With a co-workspace provider, organizations don’t have to go through the hassle of hunting out office spaces and designing and implementing layouts. This allows companies and start-ups to enjoy the benefits of a fully functional, well-equipped office from the get-go without any of the initial hassles.