How plants help in increasing the productivity and health benefits at the workplace

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A workstation is a place where employees spend most of their day at, so employers thrive hard to build it in a way that looks alluring, pleasant, stress-less, engaging and productive.

Many firms allow their employees to decorate the desk with alluring things. Some nature lovers place little plants, which is good as it adds positive vibes and boost well-being.

Humans generally have the innate urge to connect with nature, and various scientific investigations have proven records of major benefits companies and employees gain by adding some greenery to the office spaces in the form of indoor plants.

Here are some of the reasons why one should invest in some plants in the workplace.

1)  Eye conic and alluring appearance

A workspace should be vibrant and loaded with positive vibes. The advantage of the nature-inspired design is accumulating evidence of the employee benefits.

A good alluring environment is essential for healthier and happy employees which ultimately creates a significant effect on the company’s productivity and overall performance.

2)      Cleanse and Purify the air  

Remember the high school lessons? Plants absorb the carbon dioxide and release the oxygen which is called photosynthesis, effectively purifies bad air and cleanse it.

The clean work environment helps in reducing headaches, and the reactions of nausea which we generally see in most of the people. These occur mostly due to spending a long time on sealed building or closed rooms with air conditioning units.

A study by the New University of Technology Sydney found that office spaces featuring plants had significant decreases in negative emotions and stress levels. It reduces tension/anxiety to 37% , depression/dejection to 58%, Anger/Hostility to 44% reduction and fatigue to 38%.

Plants and living partitions work as the best supplier of oxygen which in turn decreases the amount of carbon dioxide from the air. This help employees to breathe healthily, reduce headaches, allergies, stuffy nose. This process eventually increases more concentration levels and productivity amongst the employees.

3)      Reduce sickness and absent rate

Workplaces which incorporates natural plants reported higher well-being and 6% higher productivity score than those workplaces which doesn’t include any.

Some experts claim that adding plants to the work environment helps in reducing the risk of “sick building syndrome” which occurs most commonly. The presence of plants can probably result in a positive change within the psychosocial working environment. The well-being of employees reduces the rate of illness and the number of sick leaves among employees.

4)      Stress-free Workplace

Stress is a common thing in the workplace. It is caused mostly because of working continuously for long hours as a result would make an employee-run out of ideas.

Studies have proven that indoor plants increase concentration, overcome stress levels, lighten the mood and boost productivity by 15%.

There is also a study that says the color GREEN is a sign of relaxing and calming. So decorating the workspace with this green plants could potentially have the calming effect and beat stress amongst the employees.

5)      Increases productivity and performance

Many studies support and prove that a person who sees the plant every day at the workplace be happier and healthier. It also helps in keeping the employee engaged and enthusiastic.

There is a study which says plants can increase the memory retention by 20%. Also, help improve the concentration levels by reducing the background noise because the plants have the power to absorb sound as well as deflect and retract it.

6)      Uplifting the mood and well-being

Some Employees in metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and so on travel a lot in traffic to reach the offices. This condition would lead them to feel irritated and reluctant to work. In this case, an atmosphere filled with plants would be warmer and welcoming helping them lighten the mood and work with ease.

An ambiance furnished with plants would make clients typically perceive the business as more expensive, relaxing,  addressing it a welcoming space to do the business.

7)      Making a step for the green workplace

In addition to all the health benefits and wellness of the employees, companies also take the initiation for an eco-friendly space. This initiation or step makes every employee or client think or care about the earth and the losing essence.

Watering a plant every day helps employees reminds of the environment, and the disaster a human is causing. This little changes at a workplace would make employees start using recycling products, reducing paper and saving energy.

Every office space such as a  coworking space, a traditional space, a community workspace, home workspaces, transit workspaces and so forth can embrace the indoor plants. These would make the place eye-catching and also helps an employee to be more productive and businesses to perform well.

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