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Why Most People Prefer Meeting Rooms Instead Of Coffee Shops?

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Meetings are, of course, a vital part of an offices’ daily operations, whether it’s to plan projects, assign roles to different employees, hold seminars or catch up on team progress. Organizations that have such meetings struggle to find a large enough place and often hold meetings in coffee shops or other seated areas that are prone to disturbances and noise. However, is this the best option? There are places like co-working spaces that rent our meeting rooms for all kinds of business occasions at an affordable cost and this might be the better choice.

Here is why.

Ease of Access

With the growing emergence of coworking spaces in Mumbai and other locations, renting meeting rooms is easier than ever. Most providers allow customers to book online or through a phone call, and it merely takes a few minutes to book a meeting room anytime from anywhere. This makes it easy for clients as well as employees to arrange meetings easily whenever required.

Flexible Location

A meeting room within the office or any dedicated area specifically for team meetings can reduce the availability of rooms for pitches to clients or stakeholder meets. There are conference rooms, meeting rooms for rent available through coworking space providers like iKeva, located at strategic locations within cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. These allow clients from all over the city to easily access the meeting rooms rented by the hosting organization and provide a more flexible approach to holding meetings.

Cut costs, save money

Leasing an entire office can naturally be very strenuous on a fledgling company’s budget. A study conducted by Condeco Software found that meeting rooms are used approximately 36% of the time in various types of offices. At most, only 4-5 chairs are used in meeting rooms with over 10 chairs. In order to cut costs on this underutilized space, a company can rent meeting rooms as and when required. This is especially useful for start-ups and other entrepreneurial businesses.

High-Quality Amenities

Good meeting rooms or conference halls should ideally be equipped with essentials like projectors, telecommunication devices etc. which otherwise have to be acquired and set up by the company itself in a traditional office setting. If you’re hunting for a meeting room in Hyderabad,  Mumbai, or any other locations, now you know what all to keep an eye out for.

Change of Setting

A change in the environment creates breathing space for new ideas. Employees working from one exclusive place can be dulled by the consistency around them and start to feel fairly mundane. Relocating them in new areas keeps them on their toes and their minds fresh. In other words, it curbs boredom levels and reduces office distractions.

The innovative concept of flexible meeting rooms isn’t entirely new, but it’s certainly seeing significant popularity in the market due to its many obvious advantages – it saves your organization considerable amounts of cash and allows you to reap its benefits at an affordable price. Let go of the stress of meeting at noisy coffee shops and rent meeting rooms today!