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How Do Virtual Office Space Solutions Help to Control the Normal Work Balance

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The 2020 pandemic has changed the traditional work from office scenario to work from home. Virtual office space is the future of business. The invention of the internet has made the world a small global hub. Distance isn’t a barrier anymore. Anybody can work remotely from a virtual office. 

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office gives your business a virtual office address without actually having a physical office. To set up a virtual office, you need a smart device and internet access. Your virtual office can be your living room, a work desk at a coworking space, or even your bedroom. 

But if everyone works from a virtual office, how do we maintain a normal work balance? iKeva suggests a few office space solutions to maintain the flow of normal-work balance. 

Improved Productivity

A study suggests that employees who work remotely from their own virtual space have 60-70% more productivity than employees working from traditional office spaces. People show high morale and happiness and find comfort in their surroundings. Employees working from the office spend a lot of crucial work time on traveling and lunch breaks. Traveling in dense traffic can get you mentally frustrated, which eventually takes a toll on your productivity. All these problems are resolved by simply working from home at your very own virtual office space. 

Stick to a Schedule

Working from a virtual office space doesn’t mean you need to work 24×7. Maintain a strict schedule. Keep your work life and personal life separate. Make a note that after a specific time no work calls or emails will be entertained. It is illegal in some countries to call someone or send a work email after the stipulated work hours. Make sure you focus on your work adhering to your work schedule. Working from a virtual office space like home can be distracting at times. 

Digital Workspace

A virtual workspace requires a smart device and an internet connection. You often wonder how to conduct group meetings or personal interviews through your virtual office in Bangalore space. With the advancement of technology and smart devices, conducting a group meeting with multiple people at once is possible just a click away. You can use apps like Zoom, Facetime, Skype, and many more to conduct video conferences. 


Working remotely and alone can be mentally challenging. We are used to seeing people around us at the office. We even take a small break and chat with a few employees. Maintain a normal workflow balance from your virtual office space, by maintaining good communication between people. Make sure you are connected with your colleagues on calls from time to time. Ikeva offers a top notch virtual office packed with all kinds of Benefits.With the advancement of technology and having a virtual office address, we think we are ready to welcome the future.