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Fun Things to do in Coworking Spaces to Keep your Productivity Intact

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There have been several write-ups which, by now, have demystified the actual definition of the term “productivity”. Here we would discuss how adopting small but fun things can improve your overall productivity at work. One of the major problems lies in the perception & interpretation of the term “productivity”. Many of us perceive productivity like a task which is done fast & then interprets this as a separate task which requires a considerably higher level of hard work.

The reality is that productivity is all about tackling any specific task smartly & then completing it with the desired level of effectiveness. To cut the long story completely short, here are a few no-fuss useful hacks which will help you in jumping on the desired productivity boat and this would eventually make your ongoing work life even better. The best part is that when you are operating from a coworking space, then you would be able to apply these hacks even more easily.

Being proactive is a key to achieve the trump

Every firm is pride in being process-oriented. However, the reality is something else. There would be certain days where the process often goes right out of place. And you are left just scurrying around doing nothing but trying to make up for that lost time and work. Such situations, of course, require premonition. When you are operating from a coworking space, your schedule is often not process-oriented. You have the liberty of fixing up your schedule as per your convenience only keeping this in mind that you should be productive throughout the day and achieve your set short-term goals.

Anticipating the very next working day’s schedule will obviously be very beneficial. The constant con-calls and phone calls, brainstorming sessions and emails would be the part and parcel of every day’s work in a coworking space, Bangalore as well. But you can take small coffee breaks in between, engage in an informal yet valuable chat with the other comembers and playing pool for a good fifteen minutes once in a day may help you shed the stress and enhance your productivity considerably. So, the pro-productivity expert tip here is to plan the day well in advance & stick to the same as much as you can and don’t forget to take those much-needed breaks in between.

Giving up perfection for the right determination

We often tend to be perfect but in most the cases, it is just an illusion. The goal of perfecting a particular task always requires time, patience and extensive practice. But, at certain times, even after all the required efforts, perfection is not guaranteed.

None is saying you to drop your usual effort, but the experts mean to say that you just don’t have to hang up on attempting to accomplish a perfect task. All you should try to do is to accomplish the concerned job to the maximum ability & move this off the plate. This is all about progress, effort, and commitment. You can always opt to return to the same task after the completion of a few other important works. The time-proven pro-productivity expert tip here is to be determined to accomplish all your tasks perfectly but not to be obsessed about perfection. You have to realize that you need to move on in order to accomplish your other tasks as well.

Here are the reasons why executives prefer coworking spaces.

The famous “2-minute rule”

This terminology was first coined by a notable and successful entrepreneur Steve Olenski and this suggests completing an action or task which you know within just 2 minutes or say immediately. This will surely facilitate you in doing your work on time. Olenski believed, a task can be successfully completed immediately within a passage of a while when you are about to leave for somewhere. This work would comparatively take much longer when you try to do this later in your leisure. The pro-productivity expert tip here is don’t keep small tasks to be completed later just like sending emails, giving a finishing touch to your presentation which you were working on or replying to your text in several cases take just 2 minutes. You should necessarily get these done with it right now.

Finding the best way of doing your work (the smarter way)

Just like the way one shoe can’t fit all, one strategy can’t solve all tasks which are at hand. Whenever some work or process frustrates you, then you must question yourself. Now the question is what the right way is to accomplish the same. Probably the most apt approach is not always the fastest way but the easiest for sure. You should necessarily make the changes that will be speeding up your process or routine. In such a case, the trick will certainly be your own & something which works the best for you. The pro-productivity expert tip is not to work harder but to work smarter. Working smart is the trend in the coworking spaces and you certainly learn it well from your dynamic contemporaries who operate from the coworking spaces.

Taking a short break is always effective

If you believe that your brain can work in a tireless mode 24X7, then you are either kidding or you are blessed. Every task at work requires you to give your 100%. Working on something which drains all your energy should be stopped. Also, instead of working on something relentlessly, you should ideally take a break when you realize that your mind is unable to take an iota of info due to exertion. At such a moment, a break will leave you refreshed and take the task ahead.


Following the above tips would help you keep your productivity intact when you are operating from the coworking spaces.