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How do you upgrade and downgrade your office space in a Serviced Office

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A Serviced Office space is an exclusively furnished property fully equipped with technical facilities that are entrusted to organizations for business purposes. These office space setups are established in a building that is provided for rent as ready-to-use space on flexible terms. 

Facilities available in a serviced office Space:

In a serviced office space, the working professionals will be enrolled under term wise membership. After which the professionals are granted access to utilize the services that are offered. Services include working cubicles with essential office furniture, permit to electronics like scanner, copier and fax machine. In many services, office spaces either a separate office are provided or a whole floor is procured on a rental basis. In this case, a kitchen desk will also be existing in access to the professionals.

The services offered by a serviced office in Bangalore space has accomplished and attracted the interest of professionals of varied fields especially, 

Why and When you need a change in your serviced space?

When the organization or the professionals realize that their business needs a change, they prefer to bring in a change to the environment around them, as the environment we work in also affects our business in many ways. 

Why upgrade serviced office space?

After a year of business, we might feel like changing the worn-out background of office space. What if the business also gets the same worn-out look? To entice new clients and to retain the present ones, the decors of the office space had to be attractive and comfortable as it gives a refreshment once we enter the space.

How do you upgrade your serviced office space?

When an office space is upgraded the expenditure might break your bank, but there are many ways to keep it creative that saves your money.

  • Conceal your environment.

Bring in some light to the workspace. Do you believe that it impacts your mood and productivity in any case? Light is presumably the critical design element that brings a powerful impact to your workplace where you spend most of the day. This might assist you in improving your mental clarity, mood and sleep patterns.

  • Add a pop of colour.

How on earth a pale grey wall colour looks attractive for the office walls? While neutral pallets can bring a clean and minimalist aesthetic to the workplace. It is better to alter the monotony with a pop of colour in your workplace.

  • Extra Storage.

No one wants a desk that is jammed with stationery and laptop cables all over. It is preferred to expand storage space on the desk and office shelves so that the place looks elegant.

  • Bring in extra oxygen.

Like natural light, Botanics also improves mood, reduces stress and boosts productivity in the workplace. Though all of us are indoor creatures, many have an innate desire to stay amidst nature and this makes you feel happier and psychologically engaged.

Why downgrade serviced office space?

Every business confronts ups and downs in its mission. And especially during the pandemic, many businesses were hit that were affected in terms of working and changes related to their office space. There was a shift in the way they operate.

Factors to consider while downgrading the office space:

This is meant when only a precise number of people operate in the organization if there is a need or to do so. This would result in downgrading the office space on rental and maintenance costs.

If you are looking at downgrading or shifting the office space, then you had to look at:

  • Deep clean the office before shifting to a smaller space so that it doesn’t affect the rental agreement.
  • Shift to a place that doesn’t amount to you much and entails your profit rate and business.
  • Shift to an accessible and a nearer place to the previous work station.
  • Ridding IT supplies that include servers and files like hard drives.
  • Removal of confidential Data had to be done safely because if it was to reach the immoral hands that could lead to incredible damage. So care had to be taken while doing so.
  • Recycling and disposal of old furniture: Recycling old furniture might be sustainable. This can be a good contribution to a greener world and environment.


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