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What are the Different Customized Facilities Available to the Clients from Serviced office

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A conducive environment is one of the biggest factors in bringing the best out of a professional. A valuable place of work facilitates a professional to showcase their potential. Such a place is also vital for an organization’s growth. So if you are missing what the offices did to you, opt for the contemporary Serviced Office! And continue to win appreciation for your performance like you did when you worked in your office premises. 

What does a good environment consist of? Factors that make a building favorable to work are different for different people. Thus, a serviced office can be customized based on the needs of an individual. These customizations can be chosen so you do not miss your office. Moreover, when you opt for customized space, you pay for only those facilities that you choose, relieving you from the stress of owning and managing the place. A coworking space helps you to keep  up with your professional environment and just like your office, you can opt for what you desire and ignore what you don’t. 

Here are some customized facilities that are available to the clients:

  1. High-Speed Internet: A high-speed internet is a facility that is a must. In a coworking space this facility too can be customized. This can be done when you are using the shared office space for a casual meeting or a social get-together. During these events you will not require a high speed internet. Thus, customize the plan and pay only for what you have opted for, making flexibility the best thing about a Coworking space. 
  2. Printer/Scanner/Photocopier: Yes, you get these too as a part of your desk. From allowing you to choose the colors of the desk to choosing a printing or scanning facility, it’s all up to you. PAY for what you use!
  3. Housekeeping: For those cleanliness-seeking professionals, housekeeping services are important. A housekeeping staff with your desk will make sure of the cleanliness of your desk. The housekeeping staff will always be available to serve your favorite cup of coffee so you can focus on your work. Enjoy the perks of being at a plug-and-play office. 
  4. Conference Rooms: When the conferences used to have 10 to 15 peers, with cookies and coffee always on the table, those were the times when you were stress-free about handling a conference! But to reduce your worries, a Serviced Office in Mumbai space provides you the same easy environment. You can customize this facility, and pay for it when you need it. This way you don’t have to pay for a service monthly and can enjoy the conference room for one day or for a few hours too.  
  5. Coffee/Tea: Through our workspace, we will quench your coffee thirst too if you wish to opt for it! We have coffee machines installed at our workspace where you can enjoy your coffee. The number of coffees you want to have, you can customize this and pay accordingly. 
  6. Security Professionals:  Security is a crucial aspect of a coworking space. This becomes more vital when the access to the premises is 24/7. In such cases, you can seek the presence of security professionals round the clock to safeguard your workstation. 
  7. Tech Support: A professional environment is the biggest take away of a coworking space. So when you are renting a coworking space in Mumbai you can seek tech support too. You don’t have to spend time in setting up your system as skillful tech support is present for your help. 
  8. Relaxing areas: For entrepreneurs or startups who perpetually require rejuvenation, relaxing areas such as quiet corners, rooftops with greenery and sunlight are a part of coworking spaces. A relaxing space is a requisite in a coworking ecosystem resulting in long term performance benefits.

Venturing out to work during and after the pandemic has to begin! IKEVA gives you this safe customized platform. This will help you become productive again as you can concentrate only on work. ikeva boosts you up by giving you an appropriate environment. With sanitization and many other facilities you can reach out to us to know more about a fully furnished office space.