4 Tips for booking hybrid meeting rooms

Dec 20, 2021 Blogs Serviced Office

4 Tips for booking hybrid meeting rooms

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Teamwork and meetings are the most important aspects to perceive whether everyone is on the same page or not. It is one of the best ways to understand the employees, their pace to attain the goals and to address grievances. Meetings are also the best way to make and work upon vital business decisions and foster effective team collaboration. Hence, a conducive environment is a prerequisite when you or your office is planning a meeting. Especially now that office spaces comprise full-time and part-time in-office and remote employees. What should you look for in a hybrid meeting room in Hyderabad?

Essentially, this depends upon the reason why the meeting is taking place, and accordingly, the meeting rooms are equipped with internet, whiteboard, stationery, or snacks, etc, according to your business needs. However, four tips on what a generic meeting room must consist of are mentioned below:

 Facilities to make and conduct presentations: Presentations are often an important part of the meetings. When the meetings are placed, sometimes presentations can be spontaneous too, thus the room must facilitate the presentation facilities such as screens, projectors and whiteboards. This would prevent the cumbersome task of arranging one at the last minute if the presentation decision is spontaneous.

 Space: When deciding on the meeting, the room space must be considered to accommodate all the members. Couple that with seating arrangement. It is clumsy to fit-in many people in a small room, thus, a spacious room according to the number of people must be a pertinent call for a hybrid board meeting room. Similarly, an interview room can be small, and well lit, and that would solve the purpose.

 Decor of the meeting room: The colors of the walls, carpet, ergonomic furniture, seating arrangement, and neatness of the room are also important while booking a hybrid meeting room. A business center must have a meeting room that suits your business needs and does not hinder your creativity. Oftentimes an unappealing color scheme may not necessarily give you the vibes to perform well, hence, it is important to look for such positive vibes too that give you mental peace while working and you don’t feel stressed to make decisions you never wanted to plunge to.

 Power Sockets and connectivity: Before booking a meeting room, it is important to check wi-fi coverage and whether it is simple for members to log on to the network. Your team members should not be shuffling for network names and passwords. Additionally, access to the main power supply, chargers, and backup power supply should also be checked beforehand.


A good hybrid meeting room complements a furnished office as it provides a better user experience. iKeva offers large and small meeting rooms depending upon the agenda and the size of the meeting. This customizable trait of meeting rooms is necessary for startups, small and medium-sized companies alike. With a supportive staff catering to your specific needs, the peace you get to make significant decisions is the goal that iKeva accomplishes in all their meeting rooms, at all prime locations in three major cities of India, namely Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Mumbai.