Annual Balloon Sat Competition by Antariksha Labs

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The first Annual Balloon Sat Competition finale is being held at iKeva. Young students who have a dream of creating satellites for Space and who have budding ideas will be sharing their winning propositions. Antariksha Labs is organizing this event in association with iKeva Bangalore.

On: Sunday, 1st March, 2015

About Antariksha Labs:

Antariksha Labs is an entrepreneurial research and development corporation which promotes Space Research and Technology Development, with the focus on miniature satellite solutions for the Indian small satellite missions. We encourage and come up with various such outreach events to make students accustomed to space research and enlighten their minds for the future. BalloonSat Event is an exclusive event brought to India for the very first time for promoting space research in India.

The Post Flight Review will be to present all the payload data in-front of the experienced scientists and experiments will be discussed. Results will be declared based on the overall performance of the team like PDR, CDR, PFD, PFR and Team .


Work. 09:00 AM:

Inauguration 09:30 AM:

Team 1 Presentation 10:00 AM:

Team 2 Presentation 10:30 AM:

Team 3 Presentation 11:00 AM:

Team 4 Presentation 11:30 AM:

Team 5 Presentation 12:00 PM:

Team 6 Presentation 12:30 PM:

Lunch Break 2:00 PM:

Presentation from Sponsors 2:30 PM:

Result Declaration & Closing