How to select the best quality serviced offices in Bengaluru

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While you are starting a company or making an initiative to expand your team, then you are certainly in look out for a furnished office space. This is indeed a daunting task and the selection of a right office can play a major role in determining your success or failure eventually. In today’s modern society, everything can be obtained at your fingertips with the least initiative. So, is true when you are looking for a well-organized serviced office in Bengaluru. All detailed information about the availability of serviced offices in Bengaluru can be found out online. The first thing that you are required to do while you are on the lookout for a furnished office in Bengaluru is that you ought to be clear regarding your expectations and exact requirements on several dimensions.

Here is a quick checklist that will help you to evaluate a well-organized serviced office in the city of Bengaluru.

  1. Accessibility of the location– Your office is not just a mere confined space. This is one major part of the ecosystem that the employees and clients will leverage on every single day. So, the office necessarily should be easily accessible and connected with public transport like Bengaluru Metro or BMTC buses. There should be cafes, eateries and hangout areas nearby for the convenience of the employees. The major commercial areas in Bengaluru like MG Road and Brigade Road are excellent locations to choose from.
  2. Availability of hassle-free parking space– As an initiative to be environment-friendly, you should always encourage your employees to opt for public transportation. However, you should check for ample parking space as senior employees, clients and guests are most likely to use their own vehicles. So, proper parking space is of ultimate importance. This is highly undesirable that your employees and clients would waste their valuable time hunting for parking space every single day. So, while selecting a serviced office in Bengaluru, it is a great priority to check on the availability of proper parking space.
  3. Proper sunlight and ventilation– This is a criteria which is not given importance most of the times while people are on a lookout for finalizing an office space. This is something which can have a high impact on the mental and physical well-being of the employees who would be working for long hours every day from that workspace. Lack of proper sunlight and ventilation will certainly turn the workspace to be gloomy and dull. This in turn would considerably impact the overall productivity of the employees in the long run. So, do not ignore this criterion while you are finalizing on the serviced office space in Bengaluru.
  4. Common areas– This is obvious that your employees will need breaks in between work. So, there should be some well-organized common space away from their workstations where they can mingle with other employees and re-energize themselves. This is to be ensured that the selected office space should not be a mere matrix of chairs and desks. There should necessarily be a breakout area preferably with the availability of refreshments like coffee and tea.
  5. Security and safety– This is absolutely crucial to select a serviced office in Bengaluru where the employees are completely safe. The office building should have quick access to the fire department in case an emergency arises. There should also be several emergency exits in the building. The building should have several CCTV cameras in order to record footages throughout the day. This would ensure that there would not be any theft or undesirable behaviour of the employees. All of the employees in the office would be careful as they would be aware that in case of any misbehaviour, their footages will be recorded & they can be sued for the same by the management.
  6. Spaces that are required by the differently-abled– Most of the times we are not bothered about the special needs of the visitors as well as the employees. So, you should certainly ensure that while selecting an office space for rent in Bengaluru, you need to check for the availability of this facility as well.

Following this above checklist would certainly ensure that you have chosen the best-serviced office in Bengaluru for your startup or existing business. Once you have chosen a quality serviced office for your business, the chances of gaining success in your business venture also increases manifold.

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