Music has long been recognised for its power to heal, destress and clearing the mental cloud. It has been used in healthcare programs around the world to help keep the blood pressure low and improve the focus of the employees.
As a CEO, bringing music into your workplace is one way you can improve the productivity of your own team. It’s just what your team needs to clear their minds off the strategic, operational and productive demands from working for you.
However, did you know that different genres of music can trigger different soothing mechanisms in employees? Here are a few recommendations that can bring productivity back to work:

High Energy Music for Tight Deadlines
Fast-paced tracks are designed to keep up the high energies and improve concentration. The fast-moving tempo is great to hit start a day and churn out overloaded enthusiasm and efficiency. On the days with tight deadlines, try having high energy music in the background and see the results – You will be amazed!

Classic Music for repeated Tasks
Familiar music has proven to help recognize images, words and patterns better. Considering the fact that repetitive tasks can bring down the morale levels too low, playing classic music shall allow the employees to get through the tasks without boredom. So, the day with too many alterations on a single task, have some classical numbers in the background playing!

Instrumental Music for Focus
For the days with crucial tasks that need undivided attention, pick some instrumental music to go with. Music with no lyrics reduces the complexity their minds engage in yet helps them completing the task on time!

Low Tempo Music for Creativity   
Songs with not more than 50-80 beats per minute or low tempo music in the background shall help your employees to keep their creative juices flowing. This kind of music has known to keep the mind calm yet the body on good energy. Ideally, some low tempo music shall be helpful during a brainstorm or a business pitch ideation to come up with creative concepts.

Happy Music for Monday Blues
Post the weekend freedom; employees face a hard time to adjustto working on a Monday. The holiday blues are extremely common yet non-productive. Try some feel-good music to keep them their brain cells active. The soft, soothing music shall help your employees adjust with the week again.

Take cues from our list and install a music system at work right away.  Remember to set up a good playlist for the week and watch the productivity swelling with joy!


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