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Build your network for free, with a Shared Office Space in Chennai

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A startup entrepreneur’s journey begins with an idea. An idea that can possibly address and provide solution to a problem and/or further change the face of the game or a challenge. What is more intriguing is the progressive nature of the journey – from the initial idea to development and induction of business and then growth. To begin with, idea alone isn’t enough, one needs opportunities to make it worthwhile in establishing a business. A professional setup is where it all begins.

Today, a shared office space is the most sought after place for these budding entrepreneurs to develop their ideas, work, connect and network with a group of like-minded people and also, meet their future partners.

Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai, founders of Foursquare, met each other at a coworking facility they were working from. What began as a shared office space, now provided them an opportunity to connect and form a formidable partnership that eventually led them to introduce Foursquare, an app that offers personalized local search experience for its users.

A recent report by CCMI Institute puts forward its opinion of the rising trend of fewer offices and more open space and shared office space.

We’ve brought together our learnings from being a provider of coworking space solutions as part of iKeva’s offerings in Hyderabad and Bengaluru and now Chennai (newly launched) to put forward a case study that focuses on the “why and how” of shared office space in giving entrepreneurs a free platform to network.

Point in Picture

Three things that opens doors to different opportunities – network, network and network. It could be online, offline or any inaccessible network. A connection always introduces someone to a network and the circle of influence only gets bigger and better. Being a part of a shared office space, one is automatically exposed or is a part of the entrepreneurial brigade that is like-minded and is here to work and succeed.

The Need The Solution The Benefits
A garage is a garage: The need for any startup entrepreneur is to work from a professional setup.Hassle-free environment:The downtown coffee shop isn’t the quiet place it used to be. The need is for a place that beams productivity.Facilities at the ready: A blazing speed internet connection is everything. Anything below that is a compromise. What about that quick fix of caffeine when things are at peak?

The case of what ifs: What if a client decides to drop by and say Hello? What if the code cracking task extends into midnight?

Freedom: Is working on an idea only means losing connections and a not-so-good work-life balance?

Coworking Space or a Shared Office SpaceIdeal for entrepreneurs, one- person office, independent consultants and freelancers who want to work on an hourly basis and are willing to pay per usage or a flexible booking policy.Furthermore, a coworking space is professionally managed and fully furnished and features a solid support system – mail, courier, telephone, internet, IT personnel, power backup, maintenance, meeting rooms etc.

A hassle-free ‘work time’ is the only thing that can resolve inconsistencies out of a traditional office space.

Quick office setup: One can get started at a coworking facility almost instantly.Access: While starting up, sticking to a 9 to 5 routine won’t work. Shared office spaces with round-the-clock access benefit individuals who are willing to burn some midnight oil.Platform for networking:Coworking space combines important factors such as agility, networking and productive environment. People are here for a reason – to succeed – and are surrounded by a group of like-minded individuals. This provides a perfect platform to expand your network and connect with the right people, amongst whom are your future co-founder, team member, mentor, partner/vendor and most importantly, clients.

Coworking space for companies

Companies with mobile workforce can save money on office space setup while increasing their overall productivity. Remote workers enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere they choose, cut down on time and travelling costs and have a greater sense of work-life balance.

With the launch of its new centre in Chennai, iKeva is all set to provide its office space solutions in the city that is filled with several business incubation centres nurturing innovation. Ranked third among the least expensive office spaces globally, Chennai is fast becoming a strong base for startups in diverse domains. iKeva Chennai provides professionally managed office spaces to startups, SMEs, MNCs, entrepreneurs and independent consultants through its offerings of coworking spaces, serviced offices, virtual offices and meeting rooms.

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