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Business Center in Hyderabad is Passé, Ecosystem is IN

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Small teams and SMEs are no more looking for just some space that are offered as a business center in Hyderabad. You need something more than squarefeet. Business centers offer mere square foot of space with limited infra. An eco-system and an environment is what you need.

In Hyderabad, business center as a concept is passe and is being replaced by an office environment that not only caters to your infra needs, but also the emotional needs and relationships among your employees and neighbours, establishing a vibrant culture.

In a shared space or a coworking space, have you ever attempted to know your neighbour. If you have not, then you need to look for a place that facilitates such interaction and exchange of thoughts.

What Else do You Need Apart From Office Space?

People have started to look for an ecosystem that brings in workspace support, builds community and offers membership benefits. The idea of an ecosystem invented by James F. Moore has been added to the agenda of strategic planning among business organizations also, adopted by new technology communities. An ecosystem brings elements that facilitate creation of a community, beyond an office space. What else do you need apart from office space?


  • Like-minded people with energy


Like-minded people work cohesively and in tandem towards a common goal. This boosts their enthusiasm to achieve targets and create a social DNA where the employees’ core values and energy are linked directly to their development and conduct. You will love your workspace.


  • Company culture


Room for your employees to engage in discussions,  learning sessions, workshops, seminar and so on. According to studies revealed by Bersin and Associates in 2010, offices, that introduced learning culture among the employees, had shown 37 percent productivity by the employees. The foregoing facts substantiate why a “Business center in Hyderabad is passé, ecosystem is IN”.


  • Support Team in an Ecosystem


Look for opportunities to build an ecosystem that embraces customers, leading suppliers, competitors, producers and the shareholders. Their individual inputs will go a long way to assist the various segments of your organization.


  • Learning Sessions


The ecosystem, especially for the new hires adds value to their learning by bringing in necessary training and learning sessions to help them match your expectations.


  • Engaging and unwinding events for your teams


Let us assume you have a small team of passionate employees. Keeping them motivated continuously requires deep thinking and forward planning. Occasional events to unwind and include their family would call for energy and vibrancy. In the office too, provide them with a digital world for easy communication and exchange of ideas for your proposed projects and services.


  • Common Vendors, Reliable and Credible Vendor Networks


Power of consolidation brings in economies of scale. A network of credible and reliable vendors adds ease for expansion of your footprint in the business landscape.

We hear Business center in Hyderabad is Passe.

Why are business centers and mechanical workspaces in Hyderabad getting extinct. It is not just in Hyderabad, but has been a global trend. Deskmag, a popular coworking space magazine has brought out some insightful statistics to support this. Some of them are here below

  • VIBE, a lifestyle magazine found that multiple computer screens increase productivity and efficiency by 9 to 50 percent, especially when it comes to tasks such as cutting and pasting.
  • Studies also show that comfortable, well-ventilated and well-lit, safe workplaces increase productivity as much as 16 percent and job satisfaction as much as 24 percent, while reducing absenteeism.
  • They also pointed to a finding that brought out that the average person wastes 4.3 hours per week searching for papers, which adds stress and frustration to the workplace while reducing concentration and creative thinking.
  • Organizations with strong learning culture have 37% greater employee productivity, according to Bersin & Associates’ 2010 study High Impact Learning Culture.

Business centers in Hyderabad are fading out of the ‘workspace’ context. The shifting landscape demands for togetherness and a sense of belongingness which are stitched by community efforts. This is why business centers in Hyderabad are passe and Ecosystem is in.