The contemporary office spaces are evolving towards a hybrid work model, merging both remote and in-person collaboration. Let’s delve into the advantages and obstacles of this emerging paradigm, as well as share strategies for embracing serviced office space within the ever-changing workplace.

A hybrid team is a blend of individuals who combine traditional, in-person office work with offsite work. This amalgamation of work settings grants employees the freedom to achieve a more balanced work-life integration. For instance, an employee might opt to work from home one day for increased focus in a quiet environment and choose to attend an essential meeting in-person the following day.

As organizations increasingly embrace hybrid work models, some are also incorporating the concept of flexible workspaces. In fact, custom-designed managed office spaces at iKeva provide the option of agile office spaces for rent to companies. iKeva is among the reputed workspace providers offering an effective solution for flexible offices at coworking space, providing companies with a customized managed office to work when they visit their fully furnished office. This is in sharp contrast to traditional offices which are rigid for companies that want to scale up or down or have flexible hours of work. Plug and play office spaces have the advantage of pay as you use, and customization according to your specific business needs.


The Hybrid Team: A New Workforce Reality

The modern workforce is no longer confined to a physical office space, and companies are also open to having hybrid teams. A hybrid team offers employees unparalleled flexibility, enabling them to choose where and when they work to maximize productivity and work-life balance.

Though hybrid teams represent a progressive approach to work, they also present new challenges. One of the key challenges is how to create a work environment that promotes collaboration and synergy among team members, regardless of their physical location. This is where managed offices may help.


Enterprise Offices: A Workspace for Collaboration

Serviced offices are furnished and equipped workspaces that can be rented on a short- or long-term basis. They are fully equipped with all the amenities a modern professional need, from high-speed internet to meeting rooms and managers’ cabin, making them an ideal choice for today’s hybrid teams.


Proximity and Collaboration

Business centers offer the advantage of providing a physical location where team members can come together when needed. In a hybrid team setup, in-person meet-ups can be invaluable for brainstorming sessions, project kick-offs, or team-building exercises. These spaces provide a professional and conducive environment for team members to meet, work, and collaborate effectively.


Flexibility and Convenience

One of the key benefits of managed offices is their flexibility. Hybrid teams can reserve workspaces as they need them, avoiding the hassle of managing and maintaining a dedicated office space. This flexibility aligns perfectly with the fluid nature of hybrid teams, ensuring that they have a comfortable, productive workspace without the overhead costs of traditional office setups.


Professional Infrastructure

Managed offices offer state-of-the-art infrastructure and support services. From mail and courier management to IT support, iKeva has a dedicated team with professional expertise offering you 24×7 support so that your team can focus on their work without worrying about the hassles of routine administrative and housekeeping tasks.


Networking Opportunities

iKeva is a workspace provider with community and member benefits often organizing virtual and onsite networking events for professionals from diverse industry verticals. This creates a rich ecosystem of potential collaborators and partners. The networking opportunities are invaluable for hybrid teams looking to expand their horizons and leverage connections in various industries.


Strategies for Embracing Managed Offices

If you are considering customized managed offices for your hybrid team, here are some strategies to ensure a seamless transition:

  1. Assess Your Team’s Needs:

  • Begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your team’s work habits and requirements. Understand the specific needs of your team members, such as the type of work they do, the frequency of in-person collaboration, and their preferences for workspace arrangements.
  • Use this information to determine the size and layout of the managed office space you require. Consider factors like private offices, breakout zones, meeting rooms, pantry, and other special requirements. iKeva’s thoughtfully curated managed offices take into account the business requirements of our valued members.
  1. Select the Right Location:

  • Choose a managed office location that is both prestigious, and conveniently accessible for your team members. iKeva’s centers in Hyderabad are all located at prime business or IT hubs of the City of Nizams.
  • iKeva ensures that each of our clients are offered a personalized tour of the preferred centers which helps in ensuring a productive office space.
  1. Define Clear Usage Policies:

  • Establish well-defined policies for the use of the managed office space with your workspace provider. This includes guidelines on usage of infrastructure, lease terms, dos and don’ts by the building management, and the expectations for maintaining a professional and clean environment.
  • Share these policies/ terms with your team and hold regular meetings to clarify any questions or concerns. iKeva provides point of contact for daily administrative tasks and IT or sales services at the time of onboarding to simplify any concerns the members might have.
  1. Provide the Necessary Technology and Infrastructure:

  • Ensure that the managed office space is equipped with high-speed internet, security and surveillance, housekeeping and maintenance, and all other office equipment.
  • Provide a variety of seating options to accommodate different work styles.
  1. Promote a Collaborative Work Culture:

  • Encourage your team to use the managed office space for collaborative activities. Hosting team meetings, brainstorming sessions, or training workshops in the office can help foster teamwork and creativity.
  • Create a shared calendar or booking system to coordinate the use of meeting rooms and communal spaces for group activities.
  1. Integrate the Managed Office into Your Hybrid Work Strategy:

  • Ensure that the managed office seamlessly integrates into your overall hybrid work strategy. The physical office should be seen as an extension of the remote work experience, not a replacement for it.
  • Establish guidelines for when in-person work is most beneficial and when remote work is more suitable. Convey these details to your workspace provider for seamless transition.
  1. Monitor and Adjust:

  • Regularly assess the usage of the managed office space. Use feedback from your team members to make necessary adjustments to the workspace layout, policies, or services provided.
  • Be agile in adapting to changing needs and preferences.
  1. Evaluate Cost-effectiveness:

  • Continuously evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the managed office arrangement. Ensure that the benefits of the space justify the associated expenses.
  • Consider the potential savings from not maintaining a traditional office space, which can offset the managed office costs.


If you’re in search of a custom-designed managed office in Hyderabad solution for yourself or your team, experience iKeva. We provide the flexibility your team needs, and a workspace tailored to enrich teamwork. Contact us for a personalized tour of your preferred office space at Hyderabad, Bengaluru or Mumbai.

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