How Virtual Workspaces Thrive in the Cloud

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One of the many reasons small business owners and consultants opt for a virtual office is the savings. Virtual offices are available at incredibly affordable prices and, also cut down on other costs like furnishing workspaces, transit costs and above all, the rent of a traditional office space. With a virtual workspace, it becomes easier to run a business remotely, with the added benefit of having a registered business address. Virtual office providers make it easy for their clients to work remotely while still maintaining a physical presence. The best thing is, virtual offices allow businesses to carry out their work entirely online, or on the cloud. There are so many services, both free and subscription-based that allow companies to move their entire business online, which lets them save on local space rentals, hiring for maintenance and all the little things that can add up and make a huge dent on their capital.

Here are five ways virtual workspaces thrive in the cloud:

Anywhere, anytime accessibility:
When all your work is on the cloud, it can be accessed from any location whenever you want. Virtual office solutions don’t usually come attached with a workspace but, with access to the internet, you can work from home, a nearby coffee shop or even on the go using a smartphone.

Flexible Resource Distribution:

The benefit to moving your business to the cloud is that it’s incredibly easy to distribute your resources effectively, and redistribute them just as easily. It could be an employee who’s working on a client, who can then be assigned to another, with their work being ported to someone else at the click of a button. Other resources like online storage, documents and other resources can be reassigned immediately.

Software Pooling:

Working virtually comes with a few other benefits. When all your resources are in the cloud, it’s easy to share software between employees and other members of your company. Take a design suite as an example. When it’s on a single system, sharing it is not easy, nor is it feasible. In the cloud however, access can be shared easily and with as many or as few restrictions as needed. This also makes it easy for individuals to collaborate on an assignment or any other work they might have.

Secure Systems:

With a traditional office, especially in businesses that handle a high volume of information or IT Companies, storage is an issue. Maintaining a server is expensive, requires regular maintenance also takes up a lot of floor space. With cloud-based storage however, not only does the headache of maintaining a server go away, it’s also easier to share documents, content and other material through remote access. Another benefit of online storage is that the onus of maintaining them and keeping them secure is on a third-party, leaving you free to use as you will, based on the package you’ve opted for.

Zero Floor Space:

The best thing about virtual workspace is that it doesn’t take up any space. When you sign up with a virtual office provider, all you get is an address in an important business centre, along with call and mail handling, as well as a few other services to make your business run more smoothly. The physical address serves as a registered business address and nothing else. All your business can be handled remotely, through the internet or on the cloud, negating the need for a physical place for you and your employees to work.