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Revolution India + Fashion driven by an Engineer

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Invariably fascinated about evolution and adaptation, Abhishek Kumar is striving to bring an impressive paradigm shift in blooming IT industry. He is an engineer, a promising entrepreneur and presently the managing director of Backber Technologies Pvt Ltd owned by him. He graduated from National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), Berhampur, Odisha.

Abhishek - Backber

When he was pursuing his degree he designed a social networking website known as “Friendslor” providing people with a new platform to connect with one another.  This was his first stepping stone towards success. He has taken up many government and non-governmental projects like VIRTUE, SMARDA, ATMP, etc., which has given him an ample recognition in flourishing IT community. He has built international relationship with clients overseas, i.e., UK and Israel.  Selected as one of the top 300 business analyst of India by a programme known as “Revolution India” he has made his own mark in the world of upcoming entrepreneurs. He is working on the development of India’s massive online informatics site-“Wikiindia” which would provide an easy and detailed access to information on India.

Backber organised Backber Fashion Week an All India fashion event to bring the fashion whiz to the forefront of the people with a vision to launch stock photography, partnered with,, Cartisan, Aircel, Avon-the company for women, Happy Club.

About Backber

A vision was born, which would eventually stand out as a brand name synonymous with innovation and integrity. Starting off with customer product business, Backber then diversified into newer areas including Applications, Software, Web Development and IT Services. It has been the dynamic power of the organization. A company which has pioneered many innovation in the IT services.

We build smarter technology with advance security and efficient technology with sustainable infrastructure for smarter people. We at Backber implement the philosophy of ‘Building New Ways’ there by helping our clients to do business better with our product. Our path breaking innovation and ideas have culminated into building products in new ways. A process which directly impacts customers benefit by improving time-to-market enhancing predictability and reliability and cutting cost.

Backber Technologies deals with product and marketing operation for WikiIndia in India. It’s product unroll all over the country and looks at the sales and marketing for enterprise, small and mid-market group and consumer segments. The key verticals are the public sector and communications sector.