Aug 8, 2015 Updates and Events

iKeva-GSF Startup Demo Day

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8 Awesome startups and infinite opportunities to explore for investors and entrepreneurs. Here is your chance to learn from other entrepreneurs and meet investors in Hyderabad.

iKeva is bringing GSF to Hyderabad for the first time! Meet awesome startups of 2015, across India and the investor community at this exclusive event.
What’s in it for YOU?
  • Explore infinite opportunities, network and connections. 
  • Witness some Exciting Pitches
  • Meet experts from industry. Learn first-hand from investors.
  • Join us over beer!
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More about the Panel Discussion

Mobile is eating the world!

According to recent estimates, the global mobile economy now totals $1.6 trillion and industry revenues are expected to rise to $2 trillion by 2017. Mobile devices allow people and businesses to stay in touch around the clock. They have enabled new forms of social interactions, commerce, learning, health care, economic development, and governance innovations. Mobile technology has sparked the growth of entirely new industries and revolutionized both business practices and societal improvements worldwide. The resulting boom has created economic opportunities for billions of people

On the back of massive adoption of Smartphones and upcoming 4G rollouts, India will experience a gigantic evolution in the consumer behavior on m-commerce and mobile marketplaces.  “Mobile First” experience led models will disrupt the incumbents in many markets. This panel will discuss various facets of innovative & new business models in the mobile ecosystem in addition to Mobile Growth Hacking and Mobile Monetization.

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