The expansion of the IT industry and the financial sector in Hyderabad has increased the demand for office spaces. While leasing a building can prove to be economically taxing, coworking spaces in Hyderabad are a viable alternative that is beneficial to SMEs over. iKeva provides clients with shared office spaces, virtual offices, meeting rooms and private offices to help them save costs and experience maximum benefits.

iKeva has various offerings that help enterprises in Hyderabad to save costs and boost performance.

Various types of office spaces at iKeva

Coworking Space

iKeva provides clients with shared office spaces that allow employees of the same or different companies to work together under one roof. This increases cost efficiency and also improves productivity. Employees can make use of office spaces to work, as well as common recreational spaces to relax. Moreover, there are a lot more economical benefits of a shared office space.

Serviced Office

Fully furnished and equipped offices Private offices give you a separate cabin for your team in case you want a separate space. These are helpful for the company that wants privacy.

Virtual Offices

Virtual offices help remote enterprises list a physical business address as well as make use of a receptionist to increase the brand’s standard.

Meeting Rooms

iKeva provides clients with meeting rooms, event spaces, conference rooms and board rooms to conduct team meetings or shareholder meetings. This helps create a professional space for remote or small enterprises.

iKeva provides co-working space in Hyderabad for small and medium enterprises in bustling business districts and technology hubs. We present all types of offices including plug and play offices and air-conditioned rooms.

Various benefits that you get with office spaces

Cost Savings

Finance is a major concern in small and medium enterprises. Investing in large buildings can be economically risky and taxing. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the economy and investing in large buildings can result in further loss. Therefore, iKeva is providing leasing of office spaces that help reduce unnecessary building charges and allows enterprises to use offices according to their convenience. This is beneficial for SMEs as they do not need to make any long term commitments and can have flexible agreements.


iKeva provides office spaces that encourage work flexibility. Enterprises can make use of coworking spaces in Hyderabad according to their convenience. Additionally, virtual offices and meeting rooms can be hired in any location to increase efficiency and comfort. These office spaces are accessible 24/7, allowing enterprises to conduct work in a flexible manner.

Network Development

Building a solid business requires you to connect with new individuals who can help develop your brand and create better awareness. Even during COVID, iKeva, in its coworking spaces arranging virtual events that help increase interactions between various companies and entrepreneurs. This helps in creating new collaborations and partnerships that can be beneficial to emerging enterprises.

Remote Working

iKeva’s services allow enterprises to conduct work from anywhere and at any time. Making use of coworking spaces allow traveling professionals to make use of an official space to conduct work. The provision of meeting rooms also helps remote enterprises to conduct meetings and presentations in a professional space. This enables them to uphold their standards while also being cost-efficient.

Boost Performance

A key benefit availed by making use of iKeva’s office spaces is the lack of workplace competition experienced. Since these offices comprise people working in different companies, the competition is limited. This creates a positive workplace environment and helps improve employee productivity. This in turn ensures better performance and increased sales for an enterprise.

Additional Amenities

iKeva’s office spaces provide users with high-quality facilities and equipment to increase their experience. They can make use of common recreational rooms to unwind and regroup themselves. Team offices and meeting rooms are furnished with the latest technology, equipment and internet to increase customer experience. They also provide receptionists and other facilities that help increase an enterprise’s service quality.

By investing in coworking spaces in Hyderabad, you can ensure better productivity and results. iKeva is providing clients with hygienic and sanitized office spaces to ensure safe and healthy working. These efficient office spaces furnished with required equipment allow SMEs to save money without having to compromise on quality. So, hire an office space at iKeva that will ensure better functioning of your enterprise.

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