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How important is it to pin your business center on a physical map?

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If your business does not have a presence on Google maps then you are missing on something!

With the advent of pinning one’s organization on Google maps, it has given a virtual sense of direction to a business. Apart from direction, it is also a mode of manifesting your business, albeit, virtually. Mapping your business also provides important snippets of information about your business, along with the exact location. A subtle way of branding, virtual positioning has come to play an important role in sharing your business related content across the web.

Just as pinning your business on Google map is important, pinning it on a physical map to create a landmark of your office is equally important.

Imagine your home without a proper address for you to explain to visitors or mailmen. How exceedingly difficult would it be to guide people to your house?

In the same way, for your business to get a tangible physical entity, a proper address with clear landmark is a necessity. The location of your organization can have a massive impact on the success or failure of your business.

Today, business centers have become the preferred choice for entrepreneurs, due to the numerous benefits they provide. Apart from a good location, value added services are aplenty.

Over the years, several business centers across multiple places in India have become operational reaching out to companies looking for a fully equipped office space. Business centers in Hyderabad have witnessed numerous entrepreneurs opting to set up their businesses in such established infrastructure. The situation is similar as for business centers in Bangalore are concerned, housing some of the well-established brands as well as promising start-ups.

So why is it important to pin a business on the physical map?

A Registered Address

Gift your business a registered office with a popular landmark. Business center enables you to put your business on the physical map, thus validating the tangibility of your business. Entrepreneurs get an established set-up to carry out their day-to-day business with much ease. Meeting clients, prospective employees, vendors and holding crucial board meetings become easy and hassle free.

Front Office Uplift

An infrastructure built to provide the maximum benefit and support to organizations, business centers come with numerous value added services. Not only does it host your business, but also gives a nice facelift to your front office. The impeccable services and décor, enhances and adds elegance to your business. The front office is definitely an important area, for being the first and last point of contact and can leave a lasting mark on the minds of your client or potential employees.

Strategic Location

These business centers are always located at strategic places, well-connected and near to the main touch-points of a city. Understanding the need to be able to carry out business without any hindrance, they are situated at a close proximity of airports, railway stations, hospitals, in order to provide seamless connectivity whenever required.

Several organizations – big and small – across India have pinned their physical entity along with their virtual presence. For entrepreneurs, start-ups and companies that have ‘just started’, a business center would make for an ideal location, to have an office space. Being in a prime location has its own share of advantages. Pinning in the address/location on popular websites for maps works out in favour of the companies as the business center is already located in a prime business hub. You get all of this, while taking advantage of customized services, superb facilities, excellent connectivity and great infrastructure

When it comes to providing customized office space solutions, iKeva is the pioneer. At iKeva we build business centers that promise state-of-the-art services just to ensure businesses can run 24X7 without any hindrance. We not only provide great location to host your business, but also facilities that would take care of all your organizational needs, so that you can carry out your crucial business procedures at peace. iKeva’s business center in Hyderabad is an exemplar of the ideal office set up with world class amenities. The business center in Bangalore, redefines the business environment by adding elegance to efficiency and taking the concept of services a notch up.