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Increasing productivity with virtual offices

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Jane woke up by 7 AM and prepared breakfast for her kids, helped them wear school uniform and then went to the main door to say good bye, watched them catching the school van and it was almost 08:30 when she swallowed the last bit of bread and she sit in her office chair. At precisely 08:56 a ping on Skype let her know that Austin was available for work: 08:58 Joshua and 09:02 Barbra.

She checked her Outlook and learned that one client demanded some modification in the work. She opened her Google Drive to download the work submitted by workers and it was exactly at 09:15 that Jane in Sacramento California was connected to Austin in Toronto, Joshua in Sydney and Barbra in Manchester through Skype video chat. Jane is a single mother and an amazing entrepreneur, and she believes that there is nothing like virtual offices.

Why a virtual address?

You might still be stuck in sometime pre-2000 and you think that running a business means maintaining a big office, paying hefty rent, spending a fortune on maintenance and nonproductive expenditures and sitting in a luxurious, big bossy chair. Well, wake up! Virtual address is the new business trend. A virtual address saves:

  • Money – no rent, no maintenance, no fancy furniture, no nonproductive expenses
  • Time – no 9 AM traffic to make your day miserable, no accidents, no unwanted chatter with unpleasant strangers
  • Energy – a virtual address makes it perfectly possible for you sit with a 100% fresh mind and do business brilliantly. How about the time you spend dressing up, driving half an hour, yawning in elevator and letting people stop and ask useless questions? Do you start work with 100% energy? Answer is no!

Why virtual assistant services?

Just like virtual offices save your time, energy and money, virtual assistant services take your entrepreneurial experience to a whole new level. Firstly, you do not have to dress bossy or leave your home to run your business, your virtual assistants work from home and give you the best quality work at affordable rates. If you have any doubt on our claim about virtual assistant services, try hiring a professional logo designer; our best bet is that you will have to pay them minimum $30,000 a year. Do you know how much you have to pay if you get virtual assistant services from a home-based logo designer? It will be from as low as $5 at Fiverr to $200 for a reputable logo design professional.

Virtual offices are fun. You do not have to worry about communication, work ethics, performance and quality, if you use the intelligently conceived and designed IT infrastructure and free tools and software e.g. FreeConferenceCall. You can establish a flawless employer to employee and employee to employee communication system and a setup of receiving and sending files. This being done, half of your work is finished and rest is to keep a proper check. Do you want to know what type of home-based entrepreneurs fail? It is the type that fails to perceive that they are not at home, but at their virtual office. If you avoid this classic fallacy, sky is the limit.

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