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Independence Day Celebrations at iKeva: Embrace Workplace Freedom

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It’s that time of year again, a time when the streets are filled with children dressed in tricolor, waving flags of India, singing songs of national pride with fervor, and eagerly anticipating laddoos. A time when school playgrounds resonate with the sound of marching feet paying homage to our freedom fighters. A time when our national anthem, “Jana Gana Mana” and national song “Vande Mataram,” echo through public address systems, instilling a sense of pride amongst all of us. A time when we all come together to celebrate independence and freedom until the clock strikes 12 on August 15th.

As you sit sipping your morning tea or coffee, we take a moment to celebrate Independence Day at the workplace. At iKeva, we strive to unite all our engaged communities in the spirit of freedom and celebrate the rich diversity of our vibrant community at iKeva.

All our centers across Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Mumbai came alive with the colors of saffron, white and green. The members were treated to movie screenings at the center. The members also took a trip down the nostalgia lane with a round of Antyakshari at the center. The members were then treated to sumptuous sweets and snacks. The members enjoyed finger-licking snacks and sweets as they wished each other a happy Independence Day.


Snippets from Independence Day celebrations at iKeva centers

independence day at iKeva 


Let’s delve into the deeper meaning of Independence in today’s context

Let’s spare a thought to the celebration of true freedom – freedom of thought, expression, and action. Are you, as an employee, truly independent at work? Are you, as an employer, granting your team the autonomy they deserve? Is your organization celebrating Independence Day, not just for one ceremonial day but every day? After all, flaunting the tricolor for a day and reverting to old ways is not enough.

So, what does independence mean to you? Autonomy increases employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention, and it’s simply the best thing to do.

Therefore, starting today, let’s share the following perspective:

Freedom to make decisions:

Let’s not burden anyone with bureaucratic constraints and strip them of decision-making power, leaving everything in the hands of a few bosses. Providing autonomy to make decisions, choose projects, and have the final say can be immensely rewarding. Average businesses cite “constraints” and “business needs” as excuses, but exemplary ones create an environment where both individuals and the business flourish. At iKeva, we offer our valuable members a thriving community for networking and mentorship that helps in empowering individuals with the freedom to make impactful decisions, fostering a culture where both individuals and the business thrive.

Freedom to express themselves:

Encourage your team to voice their opinions, even if they don’t align with popular organizational beliefs. Create an environment where divergent views are not only accepted but also encouraged. Diversity of thought is the driving force behind prosperous organizations.

iKeva’s managed office spaces are dedicated to fostering an environment where freedom of expression is not only encouraged but celebrated. iKeva has a transparent system from signing on the dotted line to sharing operational issues or feedback of services as well. Events like townhall and C Cube ensure just that. In these innovative workspaces, individuals have the liberty to voice their thoughts, ideas, and opinions without fear of judgment.

One of the key attributes of iKeva is the diverse and inclusive community they cultivate. Here, individuals from various backgrounds, industries, and perspectives come together to collaborate and share insights. This diversity of thought is not only welcomed but actively promoted, as it is recognized as a driving force behind creativity and problem-solving.

Moreover, iKeva provides the physical and social infrastructure to support freedom of expression. Collaborative zones, meeting rooms, and open lounges serve as spaces where members can engage in open discussions, brainstorming sessions, and idea sharing. Events, seminars, and workshops are frequently organized to encourage dialogue and the exchange of diverse viewpoints.

Additionally, the management at iKeva encourages members to provide feedback and suggestions on improving the coworking experience. This open channel of communication ensures that every individual’s voice is heard and considered in the ongoing development of the coworking community.

Ultimately, iKeva managed office spaces go beyond providing a desk and internet connection; they offer an environment where individuals are empowered to express themselves freely, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and personal growth.

Freedom to experiment:

Let’s motivate our teams to experiment, acknowledge their efforts, and appreciate them for trying, even if they don’t succeed. In traditional office settings, the fear of failure often stifles creativity and innovation. iKeva embraces the idea that experimentation is a vital part of the creative process. Our office spaces offer a supportive and open-minded community where individuals can feel comfortable trying out new approaches, even if they don’t lead to immediate success.

iKeva fosters an environment where community engagement is encouraged. We often organize events, workshops, and interactive speaker sessions that encourage interaction. These activities provide opportunities for members to collaborate, share their ideas, and receive constructive feedback. Also, provides resources and tools that facilitate experimentation, such as shared equipment, prototyping facilities, and access to industry experts.

The freedom to experiment within coworking spaces not only enhances individual creativity but also fosters a culture of innovation within the community. Successful startups and businesses frequently credit their ability to experiment and pivot quickly as a key factor in their growth and success.

iKeva is among the shared office spaces that champion the freedom to experiment, creating an environment where individuals and businesses can push boundaries, refine their ideas, and drive innovation. This culture of experimentation is a driving force behind the dynamic and collaborative nature of plug and play office spaces, making them ideal spaces for those who seek to challenge the status quo and bring fresh ideas to life.

Freedom to fail and rise again:

Fear is a powerful emotion that often hinders innovation. The fear of failure, rejection, or losing one’s position in the company can stifle creativity and hold back potential world-changing discoveries. Companies should create an environment where employees are unafraid to fail and are provided with the support to rise again. It’s how successful ventures are built. Some thought-provoking questions we should ask ourselves at our workplace are – Do your employees experience true freedom at work? Does your workplace exude an air of independence? If you haven’t created such an environment yet, it’s time to do so. If you think you have, strive to make it better. And if you’ve already achieved workplace freedom, then maintain it.

Our forefathers fought for freedom, and it’s our responsibility to ensure that every citizen feels that freedom in their workplace. iKeva pledges to make every day at the workplace Independence Day!