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Mobile Coworking For Business Travelers

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The world is no more a place that requires hours or days or months for a message to reach from one part of the world to another part of the geographical map. Today, the world as it is called, a global village has become such a small place that news and messages take a fraction of a second to reach the remotest axis of the globe, and at the convenience of a click of our finger. Business travel is an increasing trend followed by corporates and their employees worldwide. The various reasons for business travel include meetings, negotiation, research, expansion to other places or for the fulfillment of other strategies allied with the organizational objectives.

The trips are anticipated yet are unpredictable. They might suddenly crop up or even be planned well ahead in time. These business trips generally last for a day or two, are short and crisp. Therefore, it requires the individual to complete the task within the definite time frame and thence, be the utmost productive. The short time added to the unpredictability and unfamiliarity of the new place creates psychological pressure on the employee; making it difficult for them to focus.

Another major issue associated with mobile working is that it requires a good place to work. Coffee cafés are now rapidly becoming an extinct option because of the disturbances and lack of privacy. Therefore, we at iKeva came up by designing a mode of coworking tailored especially for business travelers.

Major benefits of Coworking space:

  • Saves cost and time

All services at a single price. Amenities include but not limited to

  • High-speed Internet
  • Access to a large pool of community
  • Professional IT support
  • Surveillance
  • Additional meeting room access
  • Access to Receptionist and other concierge services

In the mobile coworking by iKeva, a person enrolled at iKeva in one city can avail of the services in all its centers in different locations. If you are enrolled in iKeva’s coworking space in mumbai, then you can enjoy all the benefits in all the other centres. It includes the use of coworking space, meeting rooms and all the other amenities that comes with it. Doesn’t it sound wonderful?

Finding a place of your comfort in a strange place is difficult. How about working out of an office at an alien place? This is what mobile coworking space provides. Your productivity also increases since you are working from an office which is what you used to. Moreover, your privacy is of prime importance to whichever centre you visit. You will be provided with a high-speed secured internet connection and managed IT support. One can grow their Contacts where evat different locations

With mobile coworking, more and more travelers are earning on the road. For these ‘digital nomads’, the world is a gig and anywhere is your office. Now, no more choosing between leisure and business, because the concept of ‘bleisure’ is snowballing. This new option for business travelers is emerging: coworking spaces that allow transient workers to drop in and out as they please.

Rent a mobile coworking with iKeva, and enjoy the leisure of traveling and working from an office at the same time.